The end of my twin pregnancy is around the corner and my skin is being put to the test. I previously shared all the products I use to keep my belly moisturized and (hopefully) stretch mark-free, but I’ve come across a new oil that happens to be one of Meghan Markle’s favorite products from her pregnancy. So of course I had to test it out. I may not be royalty (or former royalty) but my skin deserves the best of the best.

Here’s proof that at 35 weeks pregnant—but measuring more like 45 weeks—I’m keeping my belly glowing like a full moon, or so I like to think.

The stretch mark oil is made by Avishi Organics, a company that focuses on ayuverdic therapeutic skin care treatments. Their products are the culmination of years of research and are all made with certified organic ingredients that leave skin radiant and glowing. All of their products are pregnancy and baby safe, which was a key thing for me before I set out to test them.

Here is what I thought of it:

Intensive stretch mark oil

Avishi Organics Intensive Stretch Mark Oil

Compared to other stretch mark oils I’ve used in the past, this one has a much stronger scent. I thought that was going to put me off, but it’s so good I find myself rubbing the leftovers on my hands and sniffing them throughout the day. The oil absorbs super fast and doesn’t stain clothes. So far I’ve been applying once a day, however it’s recommended to apply twice daily for 8-12 weeks to help existing stretch marks fade faster, which I’m planning to do when the inevitable happens.

So is it worth it? My skin has been super soft and moisturized since I started applying it regularly. I’ve also noticed my belly is less itchy than it was a week ago, which I take is all the nourishing products in the oil working their magic on my skin. The bottle is only 4 ounces, which makes the price a bit steep, but I’ve only needed two pumps of it to cover my entire belly so far, so I think the small bottle will go a long way.

Because I’ve seen changes in my skin already and also because the smell of it has turned into a pleasant surprise, I highly recommend this to other pregnant people with itchy and tight skin.




Supercharged Skin Tightening & Firming Body Lotion

Certified-Organic Supercharged Skin Tightening & Firming Body Lotion | Infused                     with 20+ powerful plant-extracts to rejuvenate & repair loose skin on stomach/belly and                     other areas after pregnancy

And for postpartum moms, this firming body lotion feels fabulous on your skin as your body (and body parts) goes back to its regular place. It’s infused with over 20 powerful extracts with therapeutic toning properties such as juniper berries, grapefruit, seaweed, witch hazel and green tea.




Another alternative from Esker

ESKER Belly Oil Duo

Since announcing her second pregnancy, people have been all about what Meghan uses during those precious nine months. Because of that, the products above might go out of stock regularly. But don’t worry, we’ve got alternatives for you. Like these duo of belly oils from Esker, another brand I absolutely love and actually discovered right after I gave birth to the twins. This pair of clean, nontoxic and organic botanical oils are created specifically for pre and postpartum skin.




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