Chances are, you've heard about the Roomba—the robotic vacuum that does the dirty work for you. For many mamas, this device has changed the game for household cleaning, taking over the often-dreaded (and seemingly never-ending) vacuuming that needs to be done.

Well, it just got even better.

iRobot just announced some upgrades to this hands-free cleaning device and they're pretty game-changing. Here's everything to know:

1. It empties itself now


The iRobot Roomba i7+ now has Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal that empties the bin when it returns to the Clean Base. This means one less step for you, mama, and not having to worry about dust and dirt flying into the air when you empty the vacuum. It holds up to 30 bags so you don't have to worry about swapping them out frequently.

2. Remembers your home's floor plan

The device can remember up to 10 different floor plans and uses Imprint Smart Mapping that gets to know the layout of your home. So, instead of vacuuming in the same motion for every home, it learns how to efficiently navigate the rooms in your house based on where it's located.

Plus, the latest model now lets users clean specific rooms that you get to name in the app—something that wasn't possible before. If you've ever had to scurry to pick up legos from the kids rooms before the Roomba eats them, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Simply click on specific rooms and avoid those that don't need a cleaning.

3. Easily connects to Amazon Alexa + Google Assistant

"Alexa, please clean the living room," is now a reality with this new Roomba model. We love that you can use the app to schedule cleanings too.

Household work is one of those tasks that will always be on our to-do list, but we're all for products that help simplify the mess for us.

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