It’s the best of both worlds: a cloth diaper and a disposable diaper in one. If you’ve wanted to try cloth diapering (or have tried it and couldn’t stick with it), the new Pampers hybrid diaper offers parents all the convenience of a disposable diaper while also providing a more eco-conscious option.

The Pampers Pure Protection Hybrid Diapers is the company’s first diapering system that is part reusable, part disposable.

The Pure Protection Hybrid Diaper uses 25% less disposable materials than a traditionally disposable diaper—without compromising dryness or leak protection.

According to a Pampers survey , nearly half of all parents have tried cloth diapers but not as many continue to use them because leaks are common and changing them more frequently means more wash cycles. The Pure Protection Hybrid Diapers pair the soft, reusable cloth diaper cover with disposable inserts made from plant-based materials. The Pampers hybrid combo keeps baby’s skin dry for up to 12 hours, just like their other diapers.

Pampers Pure Hybrid Kit Target

“At Pampers, we’ve spent thousands of hours speaking with and listening to parents globally about what will best fit their needs,” said Marty Vanderstelt, father of two and Senior Vice President, North America Baby Care. “That’s why we’ve created Pampers Pure Protection Hybrid for parents who want a diaper that produces less waste2, but still seek the convenience and protection of a disposable diaper. Pampers Pure Protection Hybrid is one of our many steps forward in the journey to a sustainable planet, and a happy, healthy future for every baby.”

I tried the Pampers Pure Protection Hybrid Diapers on my 21-month-old daughter, and I found that they fit well and the disposable insert felt just like the Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers we typically buy. The reusable cover is soft, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns you can buy to jazz up your baby’s diaper style with a custom look. It’s not much bulkier under clothes than a regular disposable diaper, and I love that the cover is easily washable and is adjustable enough to fit newborns and toddlers. Clean-up was a breeze with the adhesive insert, and both baby and Mama were happy.

These diapers are thoughtfully designed, and a great option for those who have been on the fence about committing 100% to cloth diapering (something I found intimidating in early parenthood) but still want to be eco-conscious. It’s truly the best of both diaper worlds!

You can buy the Pampers Pure Protection Hybrid kit at a Target near you.