Becoming a mother is a powerful and awe-inspiring transition. It changes us, mind, body and soul, turning the world as we know it completely upside down. And no matter how you get there, "mama" is a hard-earned title to be proud of. After all, it's the most challenging (and rewarding) gig you'll ever have.

Perhaps that's why we never tire of celebrating postpartum bodies and honoring this treasured role. We're amazing! We're incredible! And even on the days we feel squishy, exhausted and straight-up unqualified, the truth remains. Mamas are magic.

C-section mamas ? You all are warriors. That's why we're totally in love with the c-section pendant from modern mama jeweler, Larissa Loden. You can't search for gifts for new moms without finding thousands of "mama" necklaces —but there's something about celebrating the process, not just the outcome that feels so very empowering.

As part of their brand new Femme Collection (a partnership with body-positive IG influencers Fit Foodie Finds ), the dainty circular pendant is engraved with a simple line drawing of a woman with a c-section scar. (We're totally crushing on the rest of the line as well, which includes four other styles referred to as: "a tush, a bush, boobies, or boobies with a mastectomy scar.")

"Really, the whole collection is about body inclusivity and embracing your body as it is -lumps, bumps, and sometimes scars." shared Loden . "As a woman who has given birth to two children by c-section, it means a lot to me to be able to offer this to other c-section mamas. I hope it helps them see that scar as something to be celebrated."

We couldn't agree more.

Shop the Larissa Loden c-section necklace below!

C-Section Pendant Necklace


Available in sterling silver and 14k gold-filled, the c-section necklace makes a truly thoughtful gift for yourself or any mama friend who's a warrior mama with the scars to prove it.

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