I have four kids and I’ve decorated four nurseries so, in my opinion, the key is to mix understated furnishings with a few overstated “pop” items. In one nursery, I implemented a floor-to-ceiling jungle decal mural that took me weeks to install by hand while I was in my third trimester. (Yes, it was my first child and yes, it was a rental!)

For another, I had two big horizontal stripes on one wall, creating a low-key focal point that was interesting, but not overly cute or babyish. (Yes, this was my fourth child and I realized the room needed to grow with her!)

Point being: I know a thing or two about decorating a room for baby. But every once in a while, a nursery stops simply stops in you in your tracks. And one that is currently trending on Reddit did just that to me. Awash in the most perfect, gender-neutral tone of green (its Thai Basil by Behr , FYI), Redditor @jklami29 posted a photo of her sublime nursery to the BabyBumps Reddit community , and the result is is bohemian but modern, sweet but not overly so.

Here’s what the nursery looks like—you can shop each product by clicking on it.

this gorgeous nursery photo is trending on reddit 0 Motherly Kate and Laurel Sylvie Elephant with Raised Trunk Animal Print Portrait Framed Canvas                     Little Seeds Monarch Hill Brass Crib The Mini Scout Baby Girl Garden Floral Sheet Threshold Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant in Pot Hebensi Floating Wall Shelves 3 Tier Geometric Diamond Wall Decor Shelf Wrought Studio Chloris Diamond Ceramic Hanging Planter Bungalow Rose Hester Beige/Black Area Rug Simply Shabby Chic Faux Silk Pleat Curtain Panel Behr Thai Basil Paint Cole & Grey Metal Fur Accent Stool

Upon posting the photo with the caption, “11 weeks to go but her nursery is all set!” the user was flooded with adoring comments—about the paint and errythang else, like that brass crib . Oh my stars, do I love that crib. Situated right at the intersection of old-school and new-school, that crib (which is ridiculously affordable at just $161!) is the stuff nurseries are centered around. And I’m not the only one who is besotted.

“I have been stalking this crib for years! I think this crib is the entire reason I’m pregnant right now,” wrote Redditor @mrsparkersfineazz. “This is gorgeous. I love your taste and I especially love the crib and wall color,” added @ Soflufflybunny.

Beyond the paint and the crib, everything else is on point, too. From the on-trend Moroccan hexagonal shag rug , to the simple elephant print to the hanging planters . We’ve linked the exact (or nearly-identical) items in the room for you, because if it isn’t broken… just copy it!

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