Trending: 12 pastel baby nurseries we’re loving right now

Pastel done right can feel modern and sophisticated, and grow as your baby grows.

Trending: 12 pastel baby nurseries we’re loving right now

As the weather (finally!) starts to warm up, it's only natural that we start to trend toward lighter, airier looks for our decor, like soft pastels. But choosing pastel colors doesn't have to mean sticking to tried and true baby hues (though it would never be more appropriate!). Pastel done right can feel modern and sophisticated, and grow as your baby grows.

Here are 12 pastel nurseries we're loving right now.

Country Living

We love how this nursery takes soft shades of our favorite colors and elevates them to a look that would feel at home in a master bedroom.

Honey We're Home

Lavender and lilac are two of the most popular colors this spring, and we love how this nursery makes the most of this purple moment. To keep things from looking too matchy-matchy in your own space, take a hint from Honey We're Home and incorporate different shades of the same hue.


The Final Touch Photography

Who says pastels can't be masculine? We love the neutral backdrop created by this blue-gray color.

Cassidy Brook

If all pastel is too quiet for you, consider mixing in some bolder jewel tones to add a little balance.

Winter Daisy

Neutral white and tan get a girly boost from blush or ash rose accessories. To keep the room from looking too bland, combine a variety of textures, from jute baskets to super soft furry rugs.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

We love this elegant take on neutral pastels! By keeping the furniture understated, color and style are added by unique accessories and accent pieces.

I Spy Design

A statement wall doesn't have to scream! This pastel blue-green version provides the perfect backdrop for a boho-inspired nursery.

Maypole Studios Photography

This pastel nursery was inspired by dessert, and we love every of it. Sherbet-hued accessories pair perfectly with a warm, neutral backdrop.

Lay Baby Lay

For more subtle pops of pastel color, start with a light gray and cream color scheme and add in accessories in a cheerful tone like yellow.

Happily Hayley

Pale green walls pair perfectly with blush and gold accessories for a subtly boho look.

The Posh Home

Who says walls get to have all the fun? Keep walls white and play with pastels in statement pieces of furniture, like this dresser-turned-changing table.

Delightfully Chic

Minty green walls are the perfect canvas to let crisp white frames pop.

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