We get it. You want to give ever member of your family unique holiday gifts that show them just how much you care about them, but also ones that you're sure they'll love to open. But #momlife has made it hard to stay on top of the latest trends. (Been there, done that, mama.)

Luckily, our editors have been scouring the internet for the most beautiful, thoughtful and unique gifts to share with your family. And here they are for you, all in one place:

Stacking stones

stacking stones

The little builder in your life will love playing with these beautiful wooden stacking stones as much as you will love looking at their unique and pretty design. They'll learn about balance while improving their fine motor skills as they stack and build with these eco-friendly blocks. We bet you'll find yourself playing right along with them in no time.


Paper doll kit

paper dolls

Remember paper dolls? Well, they are still around and cuter than ever. For a nostalgic gift that will inspire creativity, we love the paper dolls by Of Unusual Kind. Each kit comes with an assembled paper doll, two sheets of outfits and accessories, mini brads for assembly, and a storage envelope. In addition to being fun to play with, we think these will look great as decor on a shelf.


Tiny Travelers books, puzzles and gifts

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't give them the world. Tiny Travelers' books, puzzles and games fold learning into play while exposing your child to culture, language and geography from all seven continents. Adventure awaits!


Alphabet print

alphabet print

'A' used to be for apple. In 2020, it's for artichoke queen, of course. Gift your budding reader an adorable and oh-so-unique poster of their favorite letter. And as you'll see when you go through all the letter options available, there are plenty of these that will appeal to grown-ups, too.


Ball pit

felt ball pit

Ball pits are ridiculously fun—but if we're being honest, those bright colors can sometimes clash a bit with our decor. Enter Crate&kids to save the day (per usual). This felt pit houses beautiful balls in shades of blue making it fun and stylish as well.


Aeris CopperComfort face mask

aeris copper face mask

A comfy face mask just might be the most exciting gift to receive this year. We love this one by Aeris because it's super breathable, soft on the skin and water-resistant. Bonus points for being crafted with fabric technology that uses micro-conductivity to kill germs. One for each family member, please!


Nesting dolls

nesting dolls

We are all about decor that doubles as a toy—especially when that toy helps reach developmental milestones. These hand-carved wooden nesting dolls are an adorable and modern take on a classic for budding children aged 3 and older. All of Wee-Wonder's products come in their signature black and white aesthetic to support children's love of high-contrast visual elements and the parents' love of toys that fit their decor style.


​A Year of Forest School

forest school book

This year has caused many parents to re-think education, and we've seen a real trend: More time outside is key. This beautiful book is filled with games, crafts and activities that will get your young learners outdoors and excited to be in nature. We think you'll have a pretty good time playing, too.


Pinafore dress

pinafore dress

If ever there was a dress that made me want to have just one more baby, this is it. I cannot get over this soft and airy linen pinafore, with its vintage charm and attention to detail. It's adjustable, so it will grow with your little one for a while. And it had pockets—because it is never too early to teach them the joy that is a dress with pockets.


Green dollhouse

green doll house

This is the most unique dollhouse we have ever seen. It comes with a wind turbine, a solar cell panel recycling bins and more eco-conscious accessories to teach them the power of green living from an early age. Quick question: Does this come in real-house-size too? Asking for a friend.


Llama necklace

llama necklace

The llama-obsessed child will delight over the necklace. Its details are so fun and the design is just so sweet. They'll be able to carry their new little friend with them wherever they go.


​Peanut allergy bracelet

peanut allergy bracelet

Parents that have a child with an allergy know how stressful things can be. Give them the gift of peace-of-mind combined with sweet style for their little one with this beautiful Sontakey bracelet that serves as an alternative to standard allergy bracelets. It's made of hypoallergenic, lead-free stainless steel and will grow with the child until they are seven.


​Sleep coaching consultation

sleep consultation

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for the mama who was still awake with her baby after trying all. the. things. to get them to sleep. Gift the exhausted parent in your life (or yourself) a consultation with a friendly and helpful coach who can help get sleep back on track. Visions of sugar plums, here we come.


Kombucha making kit

kombucha kit

Not only is kombucha, or fermented tea, delicious, it has numerous health benefits, too! Give your loved ones the gift of health with this super fun kombucha making kit. We especially love it for 2020 because with all this time spent at home, who couldn't use a fun DIY project (that tastes amazing when it's done)?



sabatier knife

There is nothing like the pleasure of using a wonderful knife when you are cooking. Gift your favorite chef this exquisitely perfect paring knife, made in France. The handle alone is a piece of art, as will the food they can prepare with this (and hopefully share with you).


​Inspirational canvas pennant

canvas penant

Rayo and Honey pennants are handmade by an artist in Brooklyn and perfect for every room of your giftee's home. They are made of 100% cotton and felt letters, and hang on a wooden dowel. There are a variety of phrases to choose from, so there's something for everyone. (Psst: And she makes totes, pins, bookmarks and keychains, too!)




Help the coffee connoisseur in your life elevate their beverage with this small but mighty frother. It is so easy to use and elevates a simple cup of Joe in mere seconds. But don't stop at coffee! We've been known to use this with our collagen drinks, teas and hot chocolates, too!


Stationery set

stationary set

Delight the snail-mail fan in your life with this beautiful and elegant stationery set. Its vintage detailing will inspire the most beautiful letters (which hopefully will be sent to you, telling you how much they love your gift!).


Date night book

date night book

You spend so much time searching for the perfect gift for your partner, but really what they want is more time with you. Infuse date nights with excitement and fresh energy with this fun and beautiful book. Choose a date activity based on how much time and money you want to spend, scratch off your next adventure and then do it—you have to! Get ready for instant memories and enhanced connection.


Guardian cuff bracelet

gold snake cuff bracelet

For the friend who could use a reminder that she is protected and not alone, this snake-shaped cuff is a stunning and perfect combination of subtle and bold. Made of gold plated brass and clear cubic zirconia starburst, she can wear this while lounging at home or out on the town.


Inspirational tote

women tote

2020 has been… 2020. But if one thing's for sure, it's that women have been driving forces for change and positive energy. Gift the powerful mama in your life this unique (and useful) tote and remind her that together, we can accomplish anything.


Grandparent pen pal kit

pen pal kit

Anyone else desperately missing timing with grandparents during the pandemic? Help them stay connected to your kids with this pen pal kit that provides prompts for writing really meaningful notes and cute bonding activities. Physically distant: yes, socially distant, never.


Soy candle

soy candle

How does a candle company make it onto a unique gift guide? When it is hands down the best smelling brand of candles we have ever encountered. Rockaway Candle Co. hand makes phthalate-free, vegan, soy candles in a ton of original and classic scents. They also have reed diffusers and sprays, so it's easy to make a giftable set (and grab a couple for yourself, as well).


Their favorite meal


Just because we can't travel like we might want to this holiday season, doesn't mean we can't share the gift of iconic local food. Send them their favorite dish from their favorite restaurant with Goldbelly! And don't forget to order yourself your favorite cheesecake for Christmas Eve. 2020 says you deserve it.




Okay, so probably don't buy this for like, your boss. But, for the right person, we think this could be the perfect gift. Check out the stellar reviews it gets! This understated yet powerful little bidet attaches to their toilet easily and will help them feel clean and refreshed. (We're trying so hard to leave out the 2020 jokes on this one.)


Dry brush

dry brush

Dry brushing is an ancient, Ayurvedic treatment for the skin. It can help to promote circulation while giving you glowing, soft-as-could-be skin. I tried it and found that my skin felt more invigorated and healthy afterward. We love this dry brush as a gift for the mama who could use some extra self-care in her day (even if that mama is you).




We all know people who take tons of photos, but never have the time to print or frame them. Frameology takes the guesswork out of decorating, making it easier than ever to display sweet photos. Simply pick a frame, upload a picture and they'll deliver it ready to hang or sit on a shelf—perfect for grandparents. And we love that they'll handwrite a note if you send as a gift!


Stone frog

stone frog

These hand-collected river rocks from Honduras are gorgeously turned into flower holders. Simply place the stems into the holes and brace yourself for the understated beauty of nature, indoors.


Microgreens growing kits

microgreens kit

Microgreens are nutrient-dense, delicious and super easy to grow thanks to Hamama seeds trays. Perfect for the person who loves to garden or cook, this is an amazing gift to help them stocking greens in their pantry. The starter kit includes a reusable grow tray, instructions and three seed quilts. We have these microgreens growing at all times in our kitchen, and throw the greens on salads, tacos, smoothies and so much more.


Perfume sample kit

perfume kit

Does gifting perfume sound far too risky? Thanks to some serious ingenuity at Skylar, it's about to become your go-to gift. Their Scent Experience package allows you to send a sample pallet of six mini sprays along with a gift card, so your giftee can find their favorite scent and then order a full-size bottle (Isle is my personal fave). It's thoughtful, fun and totally customizable.


Popcorn bowl + sifter

popcorn sifter

Give them the gift of never wreaking a tooth on a popcorn kernel again! Seriously this thing is genius (and really pretty, too). The colander shaped bowl allows kernels to fall to the bottom, leaving you with perfectly popped popcorn every time.



denim mask

We can't have a 2020 gift guide without a mask on it—and we are pretty head over heels for these. Made of 100% cotton denim and embroidered details, these beautiful masks will be their new favorites while reminding them that you care about their health and safety.


Dancing With Her

dancing with her

Looking for a gift for someone planning a wedding in 2021? Dancing With Her is a digital and print magazine featuring breathtakingly beautiful photos and brilliant wedding ideas and inspiration, all while featuring LGBTQ+ women. I cannot get through a Dancing With Her Instagram post without crying, let alone their beautiful printed magazine.


​Dog collar

dog collar

For your favorite pet enthusiast (or your favorite pet), look no further than Foggy Doggy for the most adorable collars, leashes and pet accessories. Your stylish pup will be ready for the catwalk in no time. Even better? With every purchase, Foggy Doggy will donate half a pound of food to rescue shelters across America.


Produce wash

produce soap

Dear everyone I know, you're getting one of these tied on to your holiday gift this year. I know 'produce wash' doesn't sound like a sexy gift, but somehow Sea Witch can pull it off. It arrives as a bar of soap that is formulated to help remove wax, microbes, soil and pesticides from fruits and veggies. Made of only three ingredients, it helps you make sure that the food you eat is as healthy as can be—and there's nothing sexier than that.


Giant camping hammock

giant hammock

Whether its in the depths of the woods or in your own backyard, this giant hammock will be an instant hit. It's big enough to hold three adults or six kids—but no judgment if you don't want to share—and built to last.


Cast iron hot pot

cast iron hot pot

This (beautiful) cast iron pot goes right on the stove (without the lid) and allows you (I mean... your giftee, of course) to make delicious noodle dishes, sukiyaki, soups, curries, stews and shabu-shabu.


Recess sampler pack

recess sampler

Infused with hemp extract (CBD) and the adaptogens Ginseng, Schisandra and L-theanine, Recess is a canned beverage crafted to help you chill. It's got a sort of Kombucha-like taste to it (funky and great) and comes in six flavors: lack cherry, blackberry chai, blood orange, coconut lime, peach ginger and pomegranate hibiscus. (Check with tour provider before starting any new supplements or drinks.)


Window solar charger

window solar charger

For the environmentally conscious giftee, look no further than this super unique window solar panel phone charger. It couldn't be easier to use (I have one hanging in my window right now). With 10 hours of sunlight, it becomes fully charged and can then be used to charge your phone. It's fun and great for the planet—win win.


Artisan citrus juicer


For your friend that is obsessed with margaritas, mimosas or just fresh orange juice, the juicer from Verve Culture is perfect. It gets every drop of precious juice out while catching the seeds. Plus, it looks beautiful on display between uses.


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