Mamas, 2018 is the year for you. A time for a fresh start and an opportunity to hit reset on your day-to-day routines. It’s time to *finally* focus on giving yourself a little extra TLC you’ve been craving, even if your schedule is jam-packed.

In fact, even just five minutes of me-time can help you become a better mama, because let’s be real—you can’t give yourself to others when you’re running on empty.

Here are some of our favorite products and tips to help you *actually* practice self-care this year. You deserve it.

1. Headspace

Sometimes mama just needs five minutes to herself, away from the chaos. This app guides you through short meditations, helping you to focus on mindfulness. Even better, choose what you need most at the moment: Sleep, stress-relief, a way to calm your anxiety. ?

Headspace app; from $7.99-$12.99 per month,


2. Pink Love Bath Salts

Raise your hand if you love a good bath, mama. ? Sprinkle in these Himalayan pink salts for a relaxing aroma and soak in the all-natural essential oils. We love the subtle scent and the completely natural ingredients.

Fig + Yarrow; $16.50,


3. Facial Cleansing Milk

Hop in a quick shower or bath and give your skin a soft and smooth feel with this gentle coconut milk cleanser. It not only wipes away impurities, but also naturally brightens and tightens the skin.

Edible Beauty No. 1 Belle Frais Facial Cleansing Milk; $54.00,


4. Anti-Wrinkle Cream + Syrum

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With a refreshing citrus scent and light feel, these all-natural products are perfect for a little pick-me-up during naptime. (Or anytime, really!) They’re firming and offer tons of hydration for the skin, leaving mama with a fresh glow.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Collection; $49.40,


5. Gold Eye Masks

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Let’s face it, all of the sleep in the world won’t rid of our bags. Fortunately, these patches use snail slime extract to really penetrate the skin with maximum hydration. Put them on for about 30-minutes while you’re getting something done around the house and end up with firmer and glowing skin.

Petitfee Gold + Snail Hydrogel Eye Mask; $12.87,


6. Dead Sea Mud Mask

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10&co’s mud mask combines Dead Sea mineral mud and Australian green clay with hydrating oils to boost your skin’s metabolism and smooth the surface. It’ll also detoxify the delicate areas on your face and give hydration.

10&Co The 4am Set, Dead Sea Mud Mask; $48.00,


7. Silky Sleep Mask

While we can’t necessarily get more beauty sleep, we can sleep better, even if it’s during naptime. Slipsilk mask is pure silk and nontoxic and is designed to help you get the perfect beauty sleep. ? Bonus: The elastic band won’t create a crease in your hair and the material is anti-aging.

slip™ for beauty sleep ‘Slipsilk™’ Pure Silk Sleep Mask; $45.00,


8. Deep Pore Mask

Whether you have normal or oily skin, this mask will penetrate deep into clogged pores to remove toxins and impurities. A perfect way to boost dull skin, reduce shine, and rid of excess dead cells for a fresh face.

Kiehl’s ‘Rare Earth’ Deep Pore Cleansing Masque; $30.00,


9. Romantic Bath Bomb

You deserve a little extra pampering and suds, mama. ? With fresh ingredients (including aphrodisiacs) you’ll get an ideal bath time relaxation. Breathe in rose and jasmine aromas for a luxurious evening.

Lush Titsy Tosty Bath Bomb ; $6.95,


10. Safe nail polish

We can’t always make it to the nail salon for a fresh mani-pedi, but who says you can’t treat yourself at home? ZOYA nail polish doesn’t have any of those traditional toxic or harmful ingredients so it’s safe around children. We love their dusty rose mauve and gray purple colors!

ZOYA Nail Polish; $9.00;


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