Name: Raquel Langworthy

Neighborhood: Westchester, NY (former Upper East Sider)

Occupation: Photographer & Art Director, Principal of Raquel Bianca Creative

Baby’s Sex: Girl

How would you describe your pregnant style?

Comfortable and classic.

Have you had any challenges learning to dress your body during pregnancy?

Overall, my love of accessories and layering has allowed me to create looks that still resemble my style. Most of this is due to my sister, who was pregnant this year as well and literally handed over an entire wardrobe of pretty maternity clothes. I was doing pretty well until I hit the third trimester. Since then it’s been a bit trickier. I'm built small on top and curvy on bottom so all my slim features are covered up right now. I do best with well-fitted tops that hug my bump and form-fitting pants. Having the right footwear for the winter while still looking good has probably been the trickiest aspect for me as a photographer. What I would buy pregnant is so different than what I would normally wear, so it has been a little frustrating. I'm heading into the final stretch though and hopefully the weather will start improving soon.

So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

Probably that it hasn't been quite as challenging as I built it up to be. There was a part of me that was worried I would be overly plump. I was overweight in graduate school and I made a promise to myself I'd never let that happen again. A lot of friends have also voiced similar concerns to me about themselves. What I've told all of them is that your body is really what you make of it. I've eaten healthy, exercised throughout, and allowed myself splurges without the guilt trips. My arms and legs are not the same as they usually are, but that's to be expected. What I've realized is that caring for my physique pregnant is still similar to when I'm not. Its a combination of choices that I make every day. I know I'll get back to where I want to be physically because I enjoy healthy food and love to exercise.

What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump?

ASOS is my favorite place to shop if I have an event that I'd like to look cute for. They have adorable stuff while still remaining cost-effective. I always get the most compliments while wearing their clothes. I have one dress in particular from ASOS that is probably my favorite:

What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby?

Summer walks in Central Park and sharing the Natural History Museum & Planetarium with her. It'll be a while until she can appreciate them, but as a girl who grew up in the midwest, I'm excited that NYC is a stone’s throw away for our kids.

Raquel is wearing:

I'm wearing an ASOS Maternity Skater dress with Slash Neck and Short Sleeves. I really love the color. I'm not really known fro wearing too much black and I found that so much maternity clothing in the winter is black and gray. I love the fun colors on ASOS.

The tights are Pea-in-A-Pod which are the only maternity tights I've tried that I think are comfortable and fit well.

The necklace is a gift from my stylish sis-in-law for Christmas so I actually don't know where it's from.

My heels are black suede pumps I've had from Nine West forever. (Similar style)

Photography by Raquel Langworthy and Alicia Broughel.