After leaving her hometown just outside of Sydney, Australia for good back in 2003, jewelry designer Scosha Woolridge set off on a worldwide adventure that would one day lead her to--where else--Brooklyn. Scosha, who’s been designing jewelry for over a decade, studied fine arts in college and hasn’t stopped creating since.

Her global travels have been her biggest design influence, including one particular trip she took to India back in 2000. There she visited an orphanage and was enamored by the ear piercing method that left young girls running around with brightly colored thread dangling from their newly pierced lobes. Many of Scosha’s current designs involve beautiful weaving methods, a nod to that time in India.

If you stop into her shop on Grand street in Williamsburg, you’ll find not only Scosha designs but brands that complement hers as well, such as Otterwax from Portland, Meow Meow Tweet, Morris Kitchen, Inca (incense) and M Quan ceramic sculptures. And while Scosha’s store--which she opened up four years ago--is in fact her first baby, she just gave birth to her third baby, a beautiful baby girl, a few short weeks ago (she also has a two-and-a-half-year-old boy).

We caught her just a short time before she gave birth to chat about being a designer, a New Yorker, and of course, a mum.

How would you describe your designs?

My pieces come from things you find in everyday life - my designs evolve as I evolve. The design process is an organic one: nothing planned, nothing preconceived.

Does being a mother influence your design at all?

Not really, except that I am more focused because there is so much responsibility. I have to prioritize and time management is everything. Ultimately, these things affect the design process and outcome.

How does New York influence you as a designer and as a parent?

New York moves so fast so you have to keep up. I'm not out and about socializing all the time, I'm not that party girl, but even if you stick within this 6-mile radius, New York's energy pulls me and moves me. As a parent, I see lots of opportunities for kids which I hadn't ever really been exposed to growing up just outside of Sydney.

What's the best part about raising a kid in NYC? The worst?

There is so much culture in NYC, which is so beautiful and wonderful. On the other side, there is underlying racism that still exists under the surface. My son (and soon-to-be little girl) are half black so I am really conscious of how they may be affected. I want them to know his culture, his background, his history.

Also, the school system is outrageous in this city. While there are some really great alternative programs for children, these can be really expensive. It just seems really messed up and too competitive for little children.

How has your second pregnancy treated you?

Quite luckily, I've had a lot of energy! I had a bit of morning sickness in the beginning, but nothing has stopped me from my work or things I have to do. I'm ready, though!

Tell us about your pregnancy style.

It's been freezing, so lots of layers! I don't wear any maternity clothes and dress for comfort. Loose-fitting, comfortable and well-made boots. I have been into American Apparel high-waisted stretch pants--they are really comfy and also hold in my outie belly button nicely! And I just can't go anywhere without my Chanel bag. Just kidding. I'd never wear Chanel, except for Coco Chanel.

What are your favorite ways to enhance a simple outfit with jewelry?

Do what makes you feel good! Be yourself. Stack it up. Find your key pieces and switch up the rest. Comfort is key.

Is there a piece in your shop that screams "push present" to you?

Any piece from the soon-to-be-released Zodiac Collection, which was inspired by my soon-to-be baby girl. The pieces are luxe and you can choose the sign of your new little arrival!

If you can't make it to the shop. Visit her online store here.

Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids Photography