Anxiety. Nervousness. Inquisitiveness. Sound familiar? Likely the emotions you’ve experienced during your pregnancy and as a new mother.

As a first time mom, creating a community of like-minded individuals who are in the same phase of life can help you navigate through this once-in-a-lifetime journey. However, have you ever felt overwhelmed with the responses you’ve received? While we’re not supposed to compare, it’s hard to not think about why something isn’t happening to you or your little one.

While seeking out answers from people whose opinion you value, it’s also equally as important to take a deep breath and figure out what’s best for YOU. And technology — our favorite tool for connecting with others — can also help you connect with yourself.

That’s where we found Expectful, a platform that provides online meditations for pregnancy and motherhood. If you’ve felt any kind of anxiety (and motherhood is rife with it!), meditating is the best way to start helping your mind stay strong. Furthermore, there have been studies that demonstrate meditation during pregnancy has positive effects on the baby and can reduce prenatal stress, which increases risk for poor childbirth outcomes and postnatal mood problems and can interfere with mother–infant attachment and child development.

We know — technology can seem like the last thing you need to help “unplug” from a stressful day. But tech with respect to prenatal health — especially when it comes to online meditation — can improve prenatal health and the future health of your little ones.