There are many things mamas can do in 45 seconds: swaddle a newborn , wash a pan, water plants , put sunscreen on little ones. The list goes on. But putting on nail polish (and waiting for it to dry) is not one of them. I don't get my nails regularly manicured by a professional so I tend to do them myself and because of it, I've mastered my timing.

If I'm lucky (read: uninterrupted) I can get my nails to dry in 20 minutes, or maybe 15 with a quick-dry polish in a sheer color. On days when I'm running behind my 15-month-old, my polish can take as long as 45 minutes to dry.

The new Nails, Inc. 45 Second Speedy Gloss is a game changer. Designed with busy days in mind, the enamel completely dries in 45 seconds, making it the fastest drying nail polish I've ever experienced, and perfect for mamas with little time to sit still.

The polish has a wide hugging brush that's designed to work with the shape of your nail and minimize the number of strokes required—even with a large nail bed. When I used it, I was able to coat my entire thumb nail in three swipes. It also didn't streak or smear when trying to paint my non-dominant hand.

"My favorite thing about using this polish is how quickly they dry, making it the perfect multi-tasker," says celebrity manicurist, Lisa Logan . "As a mother, this is the perfect polish for when you just need to get your nails done but just don't have the time. After painting one coat, I know the drying will begin immediately."

It's also pretty cool that it's loaded with calcium and magnesium to help strengthen nails and has a patented resin complex (made of polyester and acrylic) to keep the polish from running.

Currently, there are 10 shades that are reminiscent of famous London hangouts:

  • Paddington Peace Out (tomato red)
  • No Bad Days in Notting Hill (pink coral)
  • Browsing on Bond Street (hot coral)
  • Ladbroke Grove Grooving (candy pink)
  • Fly by at Victoria (delicate pale pink)
  • Made in Marylebone (grey)
  • Keeping it Real in Kensington (shimmery pink)
  • Call Me in Covent Garden (mushroom foil)
  • Meet Me on Regents Street (plum)
  • Time for Trafalgar Square (inky blue)
The Nails.INC 45 Second Speedy Gloss is available exclusively at Sally Beauty for $9.

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