When New Yorkers hear “Portland,” we immediately see the faces of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in scenes of Portlandia flashing before our eyes. And while Portland is definitely as progressive as they come, that doesn’t mean you’ll only see Birkenstocks and ripped jeans around town… although that’s, like, a thing now, so maybe you will. As Brooklynites we’re used to being mocked about our CSA’s, artisan culture and progressive parenting techniques, but Portland puts us to shame. And truth be told, we’re a little jealous. So when we found out Portland-based blogger Lauren Hartmann of The Little Things We Do -- also a regular Babble and Disney Baby contributor -- was pregnant for the second time around (a boy!), we had to get all the details. Especially since everyone of her Bump Enviable instagram updates had us wondering where this freelance stylist got that, and that, and that. Here’s how she stays Well Rounded in Portland. What’s your maternity style been like this time around? With my first pregnancy, I wore a lot of dresses. I was working outside of the home, so I had an excuse to get a little more dressed up, and I definitely wore heels more often. This time around, I'm all about subtle touches of style, while dressing for comfort. I'm chasing around a toddler now, and dresses and heels feel a little silly when you're spending the day at home. So I live in jeans, simple t-shirts and tanks and cardigans with accessories added here and there to give the look some visual interest. What are some of your favorite belly-friendly brands? Honestly, I love me some Target. Target is probably one of my favorite places to shop now that I'm a mom because I'm shopping with a toddler now and they have carts. God bless shopping carts! I also love H&M -- both their regular and maternity styles can be great during pregnancy. They have great basics and their long cami tanks are a lifesaver. The brand I ogle from afar is Hatch. Their pieces are beautiful, and I love that they can be worn through all stages of pregnancy and even afterward. I've yet to take the plunge on any of their pieces though. In general, I'm not huge on "maternity" fashions. I hate all the side ruching and cutesy patterns and heinous cuts. I mean...does anyone actually like/look good in empire waist anything? How is being pregnant in Portland unique? We're really into all things natural here. Home birth, placenta encapsulation and the like are definitely not uncommon. I am planning a home birth (my daughter was born at an out-of-hospital birthing center, drug-free, water birth) and I have had my placenta encapsulated. It's not all hippie here though, I swear! I think Portland has a good balance of earthy and urban. How has this pregnancy treated you? Couldn't be better. I’ve had really straightforward and easy pregnancies. I know that's probably super annoying to read, because I know some moms get so sick and uncomfortable, but I'm definitely lucky. The only thing hard about pregnancy for me is that I get big. I'm totally not one of those tiny, basketball-belly types of women...though I truly wish that I was. I get pregnant all over. How have you been prepping for your baby’s arrival? Honestly, not a lot. The second pregnancy is so different from the first. Everyone says it, but it really is true. You're just busier so you don't have as much time to think about it. I have been starting to read birth stories to get me in the right mindset for natural birth though, and we're actually trying to finish all of our major house remodeling before he arrives so we can just relax when he gets here. Otherwise, I've just kind of been going with the flow. Will your kids be sharing a room? Thankfully, no. If we were going to have a girl, I might have considered it, but I think it'll be nice for them to have their own space. Can you tell us about your nursery inspiration? I just re-did my daughter's room (photos here) so that I could borrow some of her decor and furniture for our little guy. I'm going with a Northwest/"Little Adventurer" theme I think. Lots of plaid and Pendleton wool throw pillows, wood and leather accents, and prints that embody that spirit. I already have a little lumberjack print and some great woodland animal prints from The Animal Print Shop to hang in there. I can't wait to get everything set up! We'll also be setting everything up Montessori style -- no crib. We used a floor bed with my daughter from the beginning and it worked really well for us, so I'm hoping it'll work for Baby Brother too. Basically everything will be set up with him in mind and everything will be accessible for him to explore (more about our Montessori experience at my blog). What are some essentials you've kept from your first time? I kept my belly bands for my jeans which have been totally invaluable. Also, long tanks - I live in them. What are some new items you feel the need to invest in? I'm in the market for a great pair of maternity jeans. Any suggestions? Also, I really need a great dress -- one that can be dressed up or down! What is the maternity shopping like near you? Maternity shopping can be a bit limited to big box type stores, but there are definitely some great boutiques around. In general though, I try to find items that will work during pregnancy and beyond so that I don't wind up with a closet full of items I can never wear again. Especially this time around, since this may be our last child. What outfit are you dying to get back into post pregnancy? JEANS! With buttons! I've been rocking my belly band for awhile now and maternity jeans are on the horizon. I'm kind of dreading it. I love jeans and I can't wait to wear my favorites again. Also dresses and loose, flowy shirts...I kind of feel like I'm wearing a circus tent when I put them on lately. I feel like I look better in more fitted things right now. What are some fears/excitements you have about a second baby entering into your world? I'm so worried I won't love him as much as I love my daughter. I know it's crazy and that everyone says your heart just makes room, but I just can't imagine loving another child as much as I love her. She made me a mother, and we've been through all these crazy ups and downs together. She's my buddy and we do everything together, so I think that's kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around. I'm also super terrified about the sheer logistics of it all...meeting the needs of two very different children and balancing sleep schedules. Totally dreading the whole lack-of-sleep thing. I'm super excited to see my husband with a new baby again though and for my daughter to become a big sister. I can't wait to see them interact!