There's not a whole lot you can count on when it comes to a new baby. But there is at least one sure thing: you two will be spending a lot of time together at the changing table. So you might as well get prepared by gathering the safest baby-friendly wellness products for your babe before he or she arrives.

Here are 5 brands you need to smartly stock your changing table.

1. Boon Baby – The Boon changing table is lightweight, water resistant, and offers a soft, comfortable surface. It's also easy to clean, meaning it pairs well with the aforementioned Babyganics product wipes! The changing pad is slip-resistant and also comes with straps to ensure your baby doesn't maneuver his or her way out. Plus that little hook attachment up top for baby's toy is the most ingenius thing we've seen in a while.

2. Weleda – This brand prides itself on being all natural. There are no synthetic chemicals, fragrances or preservatives used. The Calendula line offers a full collection of shampoo, body wash, cream bath, lotion, baby oil, and of course diaper rash cream. The changing table is also a great place to practice infant massage and Weleda's baby oil is perfect for it. If your baby has sensitive skin, Weleda offers the White Mallow line, which helps calm irritated skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier.

3. The Honest Co. - The Honest Co. is becoming legendary for making safe products for baby and home. Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan's extensive line is filled with hypoallergenic or sensitive products. Some of our favorites are the face + body lotion, belly oil and healing balm. Honest's laundry detergent is free of toxic chemicals with names you aren't even able to pronounce, which is especially great for prepping your newborn clothes or blankets. But it's the adorable and chemical free Honest diapers that made us first fall in love. Their wipes included in the diaper bundle are just the icing on the cake.

4. Prince Lionheart - Organization can be a real focus and priority when you transition into life with a newborn. Prince Lionheart can help you get there with its well-crafted, high quality line of baby products, like the Diaper Depot, a three-in-one changing station and the Pop! baby wipes warmer. Many experts say warm wipes soothe your baby's skin and may also encourage that little one to fall back asleep during a night feed/change. Definitely two good reasons to pick up a wipes warmer.

5. Babyganics – This baby-safe product line has a wide range of skincare products for the little one--all of which have been tested for skin and eye irritation. But it's also important to maintain the surfaces that baby interacts with daily. Babyganics' all-purpose surface wipes are great for wiping down the changing table, and the face, hand & baby wipes are perfect for wiping down bums. Nothing contains ammonia, bleach, phosphates or sulfates. Need I go on?