A child's first doll can be a big deal for not only the child, but for the parent as well. It's a milestone when your baby is showing signs of interest in caring for another tiny being, even if--shhhhh--it isn't real. This milestone can happen as early as a year old, which means a baby's first birthday might be the perfect time to give a gift of a doll.

We've rounded up some of the most special options for your little one's first doll experience.

1. Keepsake Doll: Jess Brown Sprite Doll

Sparkle Sprite is one of the many beautiful, handmade dolls by Jess Brown. Each doll is made of linen or muslin as well as recycled antique fabrics and findings, which makes each doll completely unique. There are three skin color options but no doll is identical to the next. A Jess Brown doll is an investment in a beautiful piece of artwork for your little one to enjoy forever. Buy one now. $234

2. Girl Power Doll: Willowbrook Girls “Cara" Doll

“Cara Morales-Burch is an incredible leader and can inspire any team. A budding entrepreneur, she starts a business with the rest of the Willowbrook Girls. Cara wants to to be CEO of her own company one day." The team at Willowbrook is aiming to create better role models for young girls through their dolls. Their line of dolls each have their own story which range from journalism to computer science. Preorder on Kickstarter, $88

3. Dressable Doll: Hazel Village “Louise" Doll

Louise is a human girl (amongst lots of Hazel Village animal friends) who enjoys exploring the forest, doing crafts and making up stories! She is made of organic cotton and like all the other Hazel Village creatures, is heirloom quality-meant to grow with your child. Louise is a perfect first doll because she is so soft and sweet for your little baby but you can change her clothes and dress her up when you child begins to show interest. Louise can share clothes with all her other Hazel Village friends and bonus-she can be monogrammed to make little Louise an extra special gift! Buy her now. $52

4. Real Life Baby Doll: Corolle “Babipouce" Doll

The Corolle Babipouce doll is a sweet baby doll. Standing at only 11" and made of soft, plush material, she is a perfect option for tiny fingers to grasp. Her skin is scented with vanilla, which is a Corolle signature. Corolle creates dolls to look like actual babies and even follows the latest fashion trends in children's clothing making it even more fun to dress. They make a large variety of dolls to fit your child's needs as they grow and mature. Buy her now. $36.99

5. Gender Neutral Doll: Snuggly Ugly SU Animals

This collection of animals is a great option for the little ones who might not want a baby or girl doll. Snuggly Ugly dolls are made of up-cycled cashmere, which are colorful and eco-friendly. The folks at Snuggly Ugly want to get more handmade items into everyone's hands which can connect us to each other in an invaluable way. Their goal is to create things the way they used to be. Buy it now. $56