[This article was originally published on Jan. 18, 2021. It has been updated.]

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, a divisive political landscape, and wildfires at home and abroad, the last few years have had a lot of lows. It's no wonder then that soon-to-be parents are searching for positivity and happiness when it comes to naming their babies.

Positive baby names with uplifting and positive meanings are trending, according to the Social Security Administration. We're examining the fastest climbing names in popularity and found that many of them are rooted in love, light, and happiness.

The top two girl names that have increased in popularity lately are Amoura and Theodora. Amoura means "love" and Theodora means "gift of God."

Zuri and Zora are two similar-sounding names that are also trending. Zuri means "good or beautiful" and Zora means "dawn."

Collins is a girl's name that's gaining popularity. It comes from the Greek Nicholas and means "people of victory." Celeste, which means "heavenly," is also gaining steam.

When it comes to boy names, Ambrose and Archie are climbing the charts. Ambrose means "immortal" and Archie means "truly brave."

Malakhi, an alternate spelling for Malachi, is gaining popularity. The name means "my messenger or my angel."

Robin is another boy's name that is climbing the charts. This sweet name means "bright fame."

Wells and Tate are also trending right now. Wells means "spring" while Tate means "cheerful.

Some parents are choosing uplifting baby names where the meaning is pretty self-explanatory, too. Blessing, Halo, and Treasure are all trending for girl's names. Legacy, Saint, and Legend are all climbing the boy's charts.