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Between weather and quarantine, you’re likely about to be spending hours upon hours inside with your kids. Of course you’re worried about health and safety—but you’re probably also thinking about how in the world to entertain your little one for an extended period of time.

The good news is that kids think everything is magical, and they can find fun in just about any situation—cardboard boxes become forts, wooden spoons and pots turn into a drum set, and socks become instant puppets (just add googly eyes). If you’ve already used all these tricks, you may be in the market for a few products to help you out.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite toys + activities to help keep the boredom at bay when kids (and their parent) are stuck inside.

Play doctor​'s kit

Plan Toys


1. Play doctor's kit

The doctor is in! From checking up on their stuffies to caring for a “sick” sibling, this wooden doctor’s kit comes with nine sturdy wooden tools to administer shots, check reflexes and more.

Little Pet Clinic Chair Cover

Little Adventures


2. Little Pet Clinic Chair Cover

Save space and money with the brilliant chair covers from Little Adventures. Unlike bulky and expensive play stations, these washable, durable twill covers transform your everyday dining chair into everything from a pet clinic to a market, to a beauty salon and can be folded and stashed away when play is over.

Mindful Moments - Guided exercises and mantras for kids

Boundless Blooms


3. Mindful Moments: Guided exercises and mantras for kids

Playtime with a purpose. These colorful cards provide mamas and their littles with an engaging way to learn about mindfulness and movement. The exercises and empowering mantras inside aim to increase emotional intelligence, improve focus, build resilience, reduce anxiety and help kids feel more connected to the world around them.

Camping memory game

Little Likes Kids


4. Camping memory game

Requiring more skill than Candy Land and less painful than Monopoly, Memory is a fun and educational way to crush 20 minutes. The colorful illustrations in this set will have kids dreaming of warm summer days and looking forward to outdoor adventures.

819Z8itk7qL. AC SL1500

EverEarth Jr.


5. Ramp Racer

Ready, set, go! Let your child put their prediction skills and and fine motor skills to the test with this endlessly engaging car racing toy. Using simple wooden ramps and aerodynamic cars, your child will quickly catch onto how to use this all on their own — which is also great for making a habit of independent play.

Stacking Stones

6. Stacking stones

Guaranteed to invite play and experimentation from kids (and adults!) of all ages, each stackable, pine “stone” is painted with eco-friendly water-based paint can be configured in thousands of different designs.

Bath bombs

7. Bath bombs

Toss the kiddos in the bath any time of day to shake up the routine and pass the time! These plant-based bath bombs are fizzy, fun and fantastic. They smell great, and because they’re made of all natural ingredients and plant-based colors, they won’t irritate skin or stain your tub.

2-in-1 children's shuffleboard game

Plan Toys


8. 2-in-1 children's shuffleboard game

Ideal for one to two players, this pint-sized shuffle board game will promote the development of fine motor, social and math skills — while everyone has fun playing.

Boon building bath pipes toys

9. Boon building bath pipes toy

One of our all-time favorite bath toys, we love how these brightly colored pipes can be used separately or arranged together to form one continuous water flow.

Yookidoo submarine spray station

10. Yookidoo submarine spray station

Sooooo we can’t promise you won’t get wet with this one, but we can promise it’s worth it for the amount of time it will entertain your little one. This battery-operated water pumping station suctions to the tub and is truly so much fun for toddlers; they’ll love being in charge of squirting the water. (And the tub… and their toys… and you.)

Sensory4u owl sensory board

11. Sensory4u owl sensory board

Sensory play—anything that stimulates your child’s senses—is a great way to combine fun and learning. Busy boards are a toddler’s dream come true—they offer free reign to flip all the switches, unlock all the locks and spin all the wheels. What more could your little one ask for, really?

Rody Horse

12. Rody horse

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t burn off some energy! This iconic bouncing toy has been around for over three decades, and for good reason. Kids are immediately drawn to it and love to hop on and bounce. You’ll love how it livens up any play space and helps build coordination and muscle control.

Rainbow Silk streamer

13. Rainbow silk streamer

Our indoor-approved favorites for when your little one just can’t seem to sit still. Calling all children of the 1980s… newsflash: Ribbon wands are just as fun now as they were back then! This 9-foot-long rainbow ribbon is so much fun to twist, twirl, and swing.

play tunnel

14. Play tunnel

Bring the playground indoors with this pop-up tunnel that’s easy to store and won’t take up a lot of space. Set up an obstacle course, play peek-a-boo, or just let your little one loose for some free play.


15. Alex discover my giant busy box craft kit

There’s 16 great projects in one giant box of fun! Mold dough animals, collage a farm and sticker art. Decorate paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures, then frame them! Includes plastic frames, animal punch outs, bright dough colors, peel and stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue and easy to follow instructions.

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