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This year has been, well, 2020.

Now that the holidays are upon us, it's time to pick out our yearly holiday cards—but navigating a pandemic (and everything that comes with it) might mean that an ordinary holiday card just isn't going to do the trick. Those traditional holiday messages just don't land in the same way.

Listen, if this year just isn't going to be a holiday card year, you totally get a pass.

But if you secretly love sending holiday cards (like me), but want to find something 2020-appropriate, we've got you. We rounded up our favorite 2020 holiday cards that are cute and funny, but still convey the heartfelt love and good wishes you want to share with your nearest and dearest (the prices shown reflect 50-ish cards).

Here are our 14 favorite 2020 holiday cards:


1. It's been a looooong year

This year has been approximately 6,715 days long. Choose your card accordingly.

Family video conference

2. Family video conference

If one thing’s been consistently present in our lives this year, it’s video conferencing. Whether you Zoom, Facetime or hangout in Google, it feels only appropriate that your card should be a continuation of the online party.

We got through

3. We got through

Getting through this year has been no small feat. Celebrate all you did with this adorable card.

The okayest year yet

4. The okayest year yet

Yeah, I wouldn’t say this year was the best. But these days, “okay” is pretty, well, okay.

Nothing can cancel our cheer

5. Nothing can cancel our cheer

This year has been really hard, but there is still so much to be grateful for. So cheers to announcing that even 2020 can’t cancel the joy of the season.


6. We rolled with it

Toilet paper—or the lack thereof—has been a hallmark of this year. But you rolled with it and your holiday card can, too.

Keeping it together

7. Keeping it together

Merry and bright is nice, but really we should get serious credit for simply keeping it all together this year.


8. Quaranteam

Your quaranteam has so much to be proud of! You got through this, together.


9. The weirdest year

When “weird” doesn’t do the year justice.

Hang in there

10. Hang in there

Remind them that you are with them, even from afar, with an affirmative card (complete with masks, of course).

Tough but Great

11. Tough but great

Does your holiday card need to do double duty as a birth announcement?

We're fine

12. We're fine

If we say EVERYTHING’S FINE really loudly, that makes it true, right?

Still home for the holidays

13. Still home for the holidays

Home for the holidays used to be the goal—not, it’s the life. But it’s still a pretty great life.

Stay ho-ho-home

14. Stay ho-ho-home

If you don’t want a card with your family’s faces on it, why not choose the face of a very popular guy this time of year (with a very important message). Society 6 and Stitch Fix partnered to offer a lot of beautiful cards just like these. (Price listed for 10 cards.)