Here's the thing. I have two big kids and zero plans to have any more but the second I see a baby in a bonnet, all bets are off . I want an entire fleet of babies in bonnets, with that sweet little tie tucked under their chubby chin, cooing and smiling at me for the rest of my days.

And given the fact that Beau Biden, grandson of President Joe Biden made a bit of a splash at yesterday's festivities , I'd say I'm not the only one who melts at the sight of such a classically sweet accessory. Clad in the most ridic adorable navy bonnet from the century-old Feltman Brothers , his classic look could easily have been worn by John Kennedy Jr. (and probably was at some point, though I haven't confirmed.)

Feltman Brothers , which has been in business since Woodrow Wilson was in office (so that's 1916 in case you're not a history buff), is a brand that's synonymous with traditional baby clothes. Their timeless bubble rompers, gowns and aforementioned bonnets have secured family heirloom status for generations with their hand-embroidered details and intricate designs.

If you're coveting the look for your own baby or, like me, any baby you can get your paws on, shop the vintage-inspired cap below.

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