I'm pretty picky when it comes to toys for my children . I prefer toys made with natural materials in natural or neutral colors, but I also hate anything cheap that will fall apart easily or that is difficult to clean.

One toy category that has always posed a challenge? Costumes.

My oldest is incredibly imaginative and theatrical, and she has loved playing dress up from a very young age. (Ask me about the two months when she would only wear princess dresses. We got a lot of looks at the grocery store.) But the problem with a child who wears costumes everywhere? Those costumes pick up germs everywhere .

Even when she was simply wearing her princess dresses and capes around the house, by the end of the day they were covered in spaghetti sauce, crumbs and mashed bits of banana. I would spot-clean as well as I could, but because most of them were too fragile to toss in the washing machine, I never really felt like they were clean.

Speaking of fragile, have you ever seen the damage a 3-year-old can do to a cheap costume? Within a few wears, most of her favorite items were showing signs of wear or had been completely destroyed. (Cue the tantrum when we had to toss a favorite dress.)

I realized we needed a better way, especially if costumes were going to continue to be her attire of choice. In searching for more durable, easy-to-clean costume options, I found Hijinks .

Designed by two moms who struggled to find durable kids costumes made with natural fabrics, the collection includes a variety of dress-up options for boys and girls that stand up to some serious playtime. The costumes are specifically designed to encourage open-ended play because they're not based on any specific characters—instead, they depict classic archetypes and animals your little one can mix and match to suit their own imagination.

Even better? Because they're made from eco-friendly cotton twill, you don't have to worry about your toddler complaining about scratchy tags or fabric when they dress up.

Here are five of our favorite Hijinks costume pieces that have inspired hours of play time (and they're all on sale this weekend!)

Unicorn hood

Hijinks unicorn hood

Available in rainbow and black, this charming hood lets your little one become their favorite magical, mythical creature at a moment's notice.


Bird wings

Hijinks bird wings

Let their imagination fly high with these versatile wings that could belong to a bird, a dragon, a dinosaur—or even a new species your little one dreams up.


Hooded cape

Hijinks hooded cape

Robin Hood? Super hero? Shrouded villain? This adaptable cape lets your child create whatever character they're feeling—and then is ready to reimagine it all at their next playtime.


Dragon tail

Hijinks dragon tail

Whether fire-breathing or friendly, no dragon is complete without a swish-able tail. (And mamas will love that it's washable, too!)


Mermaid tail

Hijinks mermaid tail

Flexible and machine-washable (after all, what mermaid is afraid of a little water?), this comfortable tail is ready for whatever pretend deep sea adventures come your child's way.


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