There's something about putting on a face mask and taking a few moments to be alone and relax that just feels so.. .indulgent. But, with so many on the market, it can be hard to parse through which mask is right for you.

Here are some products we keep coming back to, making them a staple in our editor's beauty cabinets (or wherever we can fit them because our kid's bath toys have taken over). 😉

1. For the mama who needs a deep clean

If you can't remember the last time you *really* washed your face, or you're struggling with breakouts that keep popping up, you need a deep clean.

Activated-X charcoal pulls toxins and dirt out of the pores and improves your skin's clarity and surface. Just make sure to use a good moisturizer afterward since it can be a bit drying.

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment, Amazon, $66.99


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