If you think you’ll never be able to tackle your pre-baby workouts , think again. Once you’ve recuperated and your energy’s back, there’s no stopping you, mama. Whether you’re heading to a mommy-and-me yoga class or taking long leisurely strolls with baby strapped to you in a carrier, the world is your oyster. And if you are a runner , well guess what? You can do that, too!

While your standard stroller isn’t sufficient for a steady jog, there’s a whole breed of strollers out there that can handle your need for speed. Dubbed the “jogging stroller,” what sets these bad boys apart is their three oversized tires that absorb the bouncing that occurs when you’re running on bumpy surfaces, dirt roads or wherever else your feet may take. They basically glide over any surface, providing baby with a smooth ride… and you with a much-needed run .

Key features to a jogging stroller—and these are encompassed by all the faves on our list—include a safety tether that will prevent you from every losing grasp of the stroller, a front wheel locking mechanism, brakes, an extra-large canopy and a reclining seat that will allow for your little nugget to snooze while you’re torching calories.

Keep in mind that most jogging strollers are geared for babies aged eight months and older, when they’re neck muscles are strong enough to balance their head during a rigorous outing. Also good to know: Some offer car seat adapters, making the stroller usable from the day baby is born.

After testing the highest-rated and most-reviewed jogging strollers on the market for ourselves, we narrowed down all the offerings to the best ones:

1. Thule

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Why it’s our fave: The Rolls Royce of jogging strollers, the Thule Urban Glide 2 is at the top of our list for a reason—it’s truly the best of the best. And its name is apt, as the stroller seemingly glides over any terrain it meets, making for the smoothest ride on the market. Beyond that, its tracks are straight and true, the maneuverability is aces and the handlebar has a break integrated into its design that we couldn’t get enough of. We love how ample the storage basket is (and the fact that it zips shut!) and how high quality the uber-padded 5-point harness straps and seat are. As for the wheels, the swivel front wheel can lock into place when you’re jogging and the 16-inch back wheels are the reason why your baby will be able to nap while you’re on the run.

More to know: The stroller is super easy to assemble, is relatively lightweight at 24.4 pounds and has the most compact fold of any of the strollers on our list… and it can be done with one hand!


2. BOB

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Why it’s our fave: The OG of jogging strollers, BOB is actually an acronym for the company’s original name Beast of Burden—which is appropriate because this stroller is a beast. Able to tackle any terrain (from mud to gravel to everything in between!), we love the brand’s latest product, the Revolution Flex 3.0 for a lot of reasons. First, Lunar is our color of choice because it’s the slick black hue we’ve come to know and love, paired with a highly reflective “lunar” pattern on the canopy and basket that is ideal for parents taking baby out for an early morning or late evening jog. Plus, the stroller’s mountain-bike style suspension and air-filled tires are what you’re paying for, and it’s what’s ensuring your child is happy as a clam—and not being jostled around—for the duration of your run. Lastly, the near-flat recline of the seat means naps can actually happen when you’re on the go, and the oversized canopy is UPF50.

More to know: The Revolution Flex 3.0 is also fab for it’s optionality—its handlebar, for instance, has nine different positions and the stroller has six pockets for storing your stuff! And carseat adapters are available, meaning you can use it with baby from day one (that said, the infant carseat should not be used while jogging!).

About that recall: Earlier this year, it was reported that the front wheel of BOB strollers manufactured between 2009 and 2015 were prone to falling off and causing injuries. You can read about the entire case here , but this problem should not affect strollers purchased today.


3. Joovy

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Why it’s our fave: The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller assembles in a snap with super easy to follow instructions, and is ready for adventures with your little one. It’s very light (only 25 pounds!), easy to maneuver and the large bicycle style tires make for a smooth ride for your kids, even over curbs and uneven city sidewalks. Makes for a great run either in the city or on bumpy trails. Also, it reclines a lot, making napping on the go a reality… or they can sit upright to rake in the view!

More to know: It is also super easy to fold, you pull a cable with one hand and it folds on itself.


4. Bumbleride

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Why it’s our fave: The most versatile stroller on our list, the Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller is one of the few on the market that you can take to out for a run on the beach and then meet up friends at a fancy brunch spot… all while looking super stylish. Comprised of soft, durable fabrics made 100% from recycled polyester—the brand is responsible for keeping more than half a million water bottles out of landfills since 2011—the Speed has the sleek brushed aluminum frame of a city stroller combined with the all-wheel suspension of a jogger. About those wheels! Created for a walk/jog/run lifestyle, the front 12-inch wheel can be locked forward for runs, locked at 30-degrees for a jog, or set to 360-degree swivel when walking about town. We also love the myriad pockets (the cellphone canopy zip is genius), the easy-access foot break and the standing fold. Oh, and that it has a matching bassinet and car seat adapters, making it an option for newborns, too. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop stroller on day one with baby that functions just as well commuting as it does knocking out a 5k in record time, this is it.

More to know: Those aforementioned fabrics are also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified to be free from harmful chemicals (including PVC & phthalate).

5. Baby Trend

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Why it’s our fave: We’re going to be blunt here, mamas… we love the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller for one major, glaring reason, and that’s price. The only stroller on our list under a hundred bucks, the Expedition is great for mamas who are casual runners or who just don’t want to shell out the equivalent of a pricey car payment for a stroller. We get it and we got you! The Expedition features big bicycle wheels that make for easy maneuvering (yes, the front one locks for runs), a compact fold and its super light at only 23.6 pounds. The stroller is also the only one to come with an attached child tray (that can align with a Baby Trend carseat, making it a travel system!) and a parent console with not one but two cup holders and a covered storage compartment for phones, keys, pacifiers and more. Now that’s a bang for your buck, mamas.

More to know: The Expedition has nearly 1,800 positive reviews on Amazon .


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