The leaves are changing and the weather is getting colder, which only means one thing—it's pumpkin season. 🎃

To get in the fall spirit, there's nothing better than indulging in pumpkin treats.

We gathered up our favorite foods and drinks that'll add a little spice to your day. And you might just have to hide them from the kids!

Archer Farms pumpkin spice coffee

Nothing is better than brewing a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, and if you're a pumpkin spice fan, this will taste just like fall. Even better, your home may start smelling like the season.


Kodiak Cakes pumpkin flax pancake + waffle mix

Kodiak Cakes are packed full of protein so you can enjoy a waffle or pancake guilt-free. They're ideal for fueling up kiddos in the mornings and this flavor is just too good.


Chobani pumpkin greek yogurt

For yogurt fans, this low-fat option is naturally flavored to taste like pumpkin spice, but feels decadent in its thick creamy goodness. Perfect for those mornings when everyone is running out the door.


KIND caramel almond pumpkin spice bars

Snacks are essential to have on hand and these even taste sweet enough to indulge in as a dessert. Plus, they're full of great ingredients so you can enjoy guilt-free.


Green Mountain pumpkin spice coffee

If your family prefers K-cups (remember to recycle, though!) these easily allow you to make PSL at home anytime. They're limited edition so stock up if you want to enjoy them throughout the rest of the year.


Pumpkin spice ZonePerfect nutrition snack bars

Looking for a protein bar that actually tastes delicious? We love these from ZonePerfect because there's no artificial flavors and it has tons of great vitamins. Beware: The sweet drizzle on top is *so* good.


Snyder's pumpkin pretzel pieces

Whether you're having family movie night or just want a fun snack to add to lunchboxes, these pretzel pieces are so yummy. We won't judge if you eat the entire bag in one sitting.


Pumpkin spice Mini Wheats

These are delicious as a snack and in a bowl with milk. Your kiddos will feel like they're eating dessert in the mornings without knowing they're getting fiber.


Undercover quinoa snacks

While these aren't pumpkin spice flavored, they're full of pumpkin seeds and other great ingredients, like quinoa.


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    When it comes to holiday gifts, we know what you really want, mama. A full night's sleep. Privacy in the bathroom. The opportunity to eat your dinner while it's still hot. Time to wash—and dry!—your hair. A complete wardrobe refresh.

    While we can't help with everything on your list (we're still trying to figure out how to get some extra zzz's ourselves), here are 14 gift ideas that'll make you look, if not feel, like a whole new woman. Even when you're sleep deprived.

    Gap Cable-Knit Turtleneck Sweater

    When winter hits, one of our go-to outfits will be this tunic-length sweater and a pair of leggings. Warm and everyday-friendly, we can get behind that.


    Gap Cigarette Jeans

    These high-waisted straight-leg jeans have secret smoothing panels to hide any lumps and bumps (because really, we've all got 'em).


    Tiny Tags Gold Skinny Bar Necklace

    Whether engraved with a child's name or date of birth, this personalized necklace will become your go-to piece of everyday jewelry.


    Gap Brushed Pointelle Crew

    This wear-with-anything soft pink sweater with delicate eyelet details can be dressed up for work or dressed down for weekend time with the family. Versatility for the win!


    Gap Flannel Pajama Set

    For mamas who sleep warm, this PJ set offers the best of both worlds: cozy flannel and comfy shorts. Plus, it comes with a coordinating eye mask for a blissed-out slumber.


    Spafinder Gift Card

    You can't give the gift of relaxation, per say, but you can give a gift certificate for a massage or spa service, and that's close enough!


    Gap Stripe Long Sleeve Crewneck

    This featherweight long-sleeve tee is the perfect layering piece under hoodies, cardigans, and blazers.


    Gap Chenille Smartphone Gloves

    Gone are the days of removing toasty gloves before accessing our touchscreen devices—thank goodness!


    Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

    Make multiple trips to the microwave a thing of the past with a app-controlled smart mug that'll keep your coffee or tea at the exact temperature you prefer for up to an hour.


    Gap Flannel Shirt

    Our new favorite flannel boasts an easy-to-wear drapey fit and a flattering curved shirttail hem.


    Gap Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket

    Stay warm while looking cool in this iconic jean jacket, featuring teddy bear-soft fleece lining and a trendy oversized fit.


    Gap Crazy Stripe Scarf

    Practical and stylish, this cozy scarf adds a pop of color—well, colors—to any winter ensemble.


    Nixplay Seed Frame

    This digital picture frame is perfect for mamas who stay up late scrolling through their phone's photo album to glimpse their kiddos being adorable. By sending them to this smart frame to view throughout the day, you can get a few extra minutes of sleep at night!


    Gap Crewneck Sweater

    Busy mamas will appreciate that this supersoft, super versatile Merino wool sweater is machine washable.


    This article was sponsored by GAP. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and Mamas.

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    I'll admit it: I'm an earbud snob. There I said it. For me, there's nothing like clear, noise-canceling earbuds that allow me to fully immerse myself into music while doing household chores or mindless tasks. I love it. And if they're integrated with a voice assistant so I can be hands-free, it's a complete win-win.

    When I was pregnant with my kids, I didn't want to purchase pregnancy headphones. Most are super bulky, overpriced and have horrible sound quality. Instead of buying them, I sang to my babies and hoped they would develop a love for music just like their mama. Turns out, I was onto something. "Even in the womb, little ones respond to the vibrations and later to the beats and melodies that you play for them," says Diana Spalding, author of The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama: Redefining the Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Journey. "Research also shows that music can help build the foundation for your baby's language acquisition, so you can think of taking a moment to jam out to your favorite songs as educational."

    Recently, model Ashley Graham posted on Instagram a photo of her using pregnancy earbuds and I had to do some research. How was she building her baby's language skills using earbuds?

    "Baby boy is the size of a coconut this week and already getting some advice from @gayleking on my podcast @prettybigdealpod 💙 Gayle you are wild and I LOVE IT. We fast forwarded your story about the stripper pole 🤣" she captioned.

    In the photo, Graham is using mbrio, a patented earbud adapter that turns your earbuds into pregnancy headphones so you can use your favorite earbuds while enjoying music with your baby. Pretty smart, right?

    mbrio Clip-On Pregnancy Earbud Adapters

    mbrio Clip-On Pregnancy Earbud Adapters

    mbrio's patented earbud adapters turn your earbuds into pregnancy headphones. Just pop in any set of compatible earbuds, clip them to your waistband and go. It also uses a thin layer of silicone to reduce sound levels by up to 30 decibels (depending frequency and volume) so it's safe for mama and baby.


    It eliminates the need for splitters, sticky pads, volume control switches and iPhone plug adapters too so you can just carry one device while you're on the go. It's also been independently tested by a Nationally Registered Testing Laboratory, so it meets the safe audio guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

    Best of all, the ergonomic design adapts to mama's growing belly throughout the pregnancy. Just pop in any set of compatible earbuds, clip them to your waistband and go!

    I'm still not a believer in headphones and still plan to use earbuds wherever I go, but if I ever get pregnant again, or need a cool baby shower gift, I know what to purchase.

    With so many toys out there, it can be hard to find intentional gifts for our children that are both fun and meaningful. Using a Montessori approach to your holiday shopping this year doesn't mean your choices need to be academic. There are plenty of Montessori-friendly toys that are beautiful and engaging, but also appeal to children's developmental needs.

    Montessori toys are usually made from natural materials, non-electronic and foster independent play, creativity and concentration. Montessori materials are simple and somewhat minimalist in general, and this is especially true for infants and young toddlers. The world is so stimulating for these little ones already, that simple toys made of natural materials spark the child's curiosity without being overwhelming.

    Here are some great options for the littlest ones on your list this year!

    Black and white image cards

    montessori kids gifts

    As young babies can't yet see color, simple black and white images are the most striking to them. This set is great because the images can be used individually, or strung together into a book.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Montessori mobiles

    montessori kids gifts

    While many mobiles are designed primarily to make the nursery look adorable, the traditional set of Montessori mobiles was developed specifically to provide the ideal level of visual stimulation at each stage for your growing baby.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Activity gym

    lovevery play gym

    Many activity gyms can be overstimulating, but this one features wood and more muted colors and designs. It also converts into a little tent when baby is older and on the move.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Wooden toy set

    wooden toys for kids

    These classic Montessori baby toys each isolate one concept that baby is working on, such as cause and effect (shaking a rattle), and in and out (placing a peg in a cup).

    Age: 0-18 months


    Puzzle ball

    montessori toy for kids

    Puzzle balls are easy for babies to grasp and they don't roll too far. This encourages babies who are trying to learn to crawl, as the ball rolls just out of reach and they exert all their effort to scoot toward it.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Object permanence box

    montessori wooden toys

    As your baby drops the ball into the hole, watches it disappear, and then finds it again, he learns that things do not necessarily disappear when he can't see them anymore.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Global Babies book

    montessori kids books

    It is never too early to start reading to your baby and books that feature real images of people, nature and everyday items are a great place to start.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Finger paints

    crayola fingerpaint

    As soon as your baby is sitting up independently, he can begin to enjoy finger painting, which is a wonderful sensory experience as well as an early introduction to creative art.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Wooden shape puzzle

    wooden toys for kids

    This is a great first puzzle as it is made of beautiful wood and has only five pieces.

    Age: 0-18 months


    Pop up toy

    kids wooden toys

    This toy is so simple, yet so entertaining for babies and young toddlers, who love practicing taking things out and putting them back in.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Watering can

    kids watering can

    A quality child-sized watering can is one of the earliest ways small children can help with yard work.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Mop and broom set

    kids chore set

    Toddlers love to help with whatever household chores you are doing. A mop and broom just their size allows them to clean alongside you.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Learning tower

    kids learning tower

    This enables your child to work with you at the kitchen counter. This particular model lets him climb in and out of the tower independently.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Pizza making set

    kids pizza cooking set

    Toddlerhood is the perfect time to introduce early kitchen skills, and what more fun way than making pizza together?

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Hands Can book

    kids books

    This book features beautiful photos of children exploring, communicating, and showing kindness with their hands.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Wooden blocks

    kids wooden blocks

    Open-ended toys like wooden blocks encourage creativity and long stretches of concentration.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Musical instruments

    kids musical intruments

    Exploring rhythm and music together is a great activity for those cold winter months when outdoor play may be more limited.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Rainbow stacker

    childrens rainbow stacker

    This stacker looks beautiful on the shelf and also offers a challenge and introduces the concept of rainbow order.

    Age: 1-3years old



    kids easel

    An easel is ideal for early art work like finger painting and painting with large brushes.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Felt weather board

    kids weather chart

    As growing toddlers become increasingly aware of and interested in the wider world around them, the weather becomes a fascinating topic.

    Age: 1-3 years old


    Primary lacing beads

    kids counting beads

    There are so many fun ways for your 3-year-old to play with these colorful beads and necklaces. They encourage fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and open-ended play.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Hammer toy

    kids hammer toy

    This early hammering work is great for hand-eye coordination and introducing a real life skill. This one provides a greater challenge.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Pattern blocks or pattern play

    kids pattern blocks

    Exploring patterns is highly engaging and great for pre-math skills.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Parts of the body layered puzzles

    kids learning puzzle

    These challenging puzzles depict the human body in layers, from a skeleton all the way to a fully dressed child.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Memory game

    kids memory game

    Memory game is a wonderful gift that grows with your child, as younger children enjoy simply examining and matching the pictures and older children love the actual game.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Young carpenter's set

    kids carpenters set

    Once a child can be safe and in control, giving him real tools builds his confidence and allows him to participate in purposeful work.

    Age: 3-6 years old



    kids butterfly bingo book

    Simple games like bingo allow young children to practice playing a game with friends, including how to win and lose graciously.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Fun with magnets set

    fun with magnets set

    Toys that support scientific exploration encourage your child to be his own teacher and keep his curiosity alive.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Yoga pretzels with yoga mat

    kids yoga mat

    Yoga helps children learn self-regulation, calming breathing techniques and control of their bodies. Bonus: Add these yoga cards!

    Age: 3-6 years old


    Japanese brush painting set

    Japanese brush painting set

    Calming activities like Japanese brush painting help children in Montessori classrooms learn to be peaceful and can do the same in your home.

    Age: 5 years old+


    Origami set

    kids origami kit

    Origami encourages development of spacial skills and a different way of thinking and children love seeing all of the things they can create with just paper.

    Age: 3-6 years old


    We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


    Can you believe it's already time to start decorating for the holidays? And this year, Target is making it easier than ever to create inviting holiday spaces that are still neat, organized and clutter-free. Whether your style is whimsical, traditional or rustic, there are plenty of neutral creams, frosty whites and touches of evergreen that will take you through the holidays and well into the new year with style.

    This holiday also marks the 3-year anniversary of the launch of Joanna Gaines' Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line. The collection features nearly 300 new pieces from gifting and décor to entertaining. Oh, and this season they have faux Christmas trees!

    Ready to create your own modern winter wonderland at home? Grab our favorite minimalist piece:

    Joy wire Christmas wreath

    Joy wire Christmas wreath

    The word "Joy" isn't a holiday classic for nothing—it's sure to bring lots of smiles and laughs to any home. And when it's atop the garland in this festive wreath, it's an instant pick-me-up. Plus, for an extra twist: This comes pre-strung with white LED bulbs for a little light to brighten dark spaces.


    Mini cable-knit stocking

    Mini cable-knit stocking

    This stocking brings simplistic holiday cheer to just about any living space. This mini size is perfect for little ones or if you just want stockings that don't take up too much space.


    Faux white pine garland

    Faux white pine garland

    Bring the outdoors indoors with a garland that can be framed around your door. Or add holiday spirit to your table runner with a garland centerpiece. We love how realistic this one looks for such an affordable price.


    Whitewash advent calendar

    Whitewash advent calendar

    Let's be honest, advent calendars are nice, but some have gone a bit overboard in how complicated they are. But not this one. The cutout shape of a tree features rows of numbers, while a roaming wreath moves the countdown along. Simple, yet chic.


    Round tree skirt

    Round tree skirt

    No tree is complete without a beautiful tree skirt. This striped one is a must-have for a farmhouse-inspired atmosphere. Even better if you want a splash of rustic charm that matches your other holiday décor.


    Mini marquee star wall sign

    Mini marquee star wall sign

    Brighten up your living room with this attention-grabbing statement piece. Hang the star sign on your entryway wall to help welcome guests, or place it on your mantel, shelf or end table alongside other accents to add touches of holiday cheer in a minimalist way.


    Ceramic house decorative figurine

    Ceramic house decorative figurine

    This tiny house with windows, door and a chimney lends realistic, whimsical appeal, but the solid ceramic design allows it to be used from season to season. Place a small light inside to light up your mantle when standard candles won't suffice.


    Wood garland

    Wood garland

    Sometimes less is more! Upgrade your staircase or tree with this simplistic wooded garland. Pair with fresh cedar and grapevine twigs to create a striking focal point on your home.


    Joy wall decor

    Joy wall decor

    Create holiday cheer in a small way by adding holiday wall art that sparks a bit of joy.

    For a refined look, the decor offers a hardwood frame and the sawtooth back allows for easy display on tiny spaces that need a touch of holiday spirit.


    Stocking holder

    Stocking holder

    Minimalists will rejoice for this multi-tasking stocking holder—acting as both festive signage and a holder for multiple stockings. It's simple, charming and will look great on your mantle for years to come.

    Holiday Shopping Guides

    Do you feel it?

    That little spark ✨ in the air that only comes around this time of year is starting to buzz and pop around us. There's nothing quite like the joy and excitement that comes with counting down to the holidays—especially with your kids who think last Christmas was forever ago.

    And what better way to count down to Christmas than with an Advent calendar? We've rounded up our favorites that you can use year after year, mama.

    House advent calendar

    It's perfectly neutral to go with any type of holiday decor, but is made to bring a spark of magic and fun as your kids rush each morning to find out what's inside the tiny drawers.


    Advent calendar wreath

    This has to be the most unique advent calendar we've ever seen. We love everything about it: The simple metal hoop, the greenery and the 24 kraft boxes that can be filled with goodies for both adults and kids. It's so pretty, we might even leave it up past Christmas!


    Countdown to Christmas advent calendar

    We love that you can fill this one with your own treats that can change as your kids grow. And it doesn't have to be sweets. It can be filled with stickers, little toys, handmade goodies and more.


    Modern farmhouse Christmas countdown

    No treats required for this simple, beautiful sign.


    Metal advent calendar

    This sleek metal sign comes with 25 small muslin bags and 30 cards you can tuck into each one. The cards have an activity or kind gesture you and your kids can do to celebrate the season.


    Ernie and Irene llama advent calendar

    Add a touch of whimsy and coziness with this sweet calendar featuring a knit llama.


    DIY advent calendar kit

    For the crafty mamas in the group, this sweet kit has everything you and your family need to create your advent calendar together. Once you've assembled all the houses, you can fill it with whatever treats your family will love.


    Customizable advent calendar

    This sweet and modern fabric calendar can be customized with your family name or cherished holiday phrase. It also comes with a set of 24 activity cards you can pop into each pocket.


    Clever Creations traditional wooden Christmas advent calendar

    Clever Creations Traditional Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar

    This beautiful calendar is a showpiece. It lights up to create a cozy and festive scene.


    Light-up stacking house glitter advent calendar

    Enjoy a tower of pre-lit cottages that will light up your home each day leading up to Christmas.


    My Kindness advent calendar

    My Kindness Advent Calendar

    The holidays are all about giving—and that doesn't stop with just material items. We can give in the form of kindness every single day, and this calendar helps us do just that.


    Blue and gray Christmas socks advent calendar garland

    We love the twist on a traditional calendar with this sweet garland of 24 stockings.


    Motherly is your daily #momlife manual; we are here to help you easily find the best, most beautiful products for your life that actually work. We share what we love—and we may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.

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