When it was clear none of my babies were going to breastfeed thanks to an array of issues, I set on a quest to test all the bottles on the market to find the one we liked the most . And when I mean I tested them all, I really mean all . I'm personally a huge fan of silicone bottles for a number of reasons: they are easy to clean, soft for little hands to properly hold, dishwasher safe and easy to pack to take on the go.

When I found out that Nanobebé had released silicone bottles I was super excited to test them with my twins. Except—they sold out so fast . Probably because celebrities like Hilaria Baldwin were raving about them on Instagram.

Hilaria Baldwin

But I come with good news, because the silicone Nanobebé bottles are back in stock on Amazon. Get them before they sell out again! The set comes with 3 bottles, 3 nipples and 3 travel caps. The flexy bottles are available in pink, gray, teal (they were all backordered until November 5th) and white. Designed with hospital grade silicone, the mom-like nipple helps babies who take both bottles and breast to alternate between them without issues, and help those who only take bottles reduce colic and gas.

Flexy silicone bottle

Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel, Non-Collapsing Nipple,      Non-Tip Stable Base,Easy to Clean - 2-Pack, White, 9 oz

Stable base prevents tipping on any surface, easy-to-read volume, leak-free and easy to clean. Holds up to 9oz and can be used as a sippy cup for water or juice once baby is old enough for either.


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