I remember when I bought my first WubbaNub for my infant son three years ago. The plush stuffie attached to the pacifier looked like our dog Violet, so flooded with warm postpartum feelings and holding back tears (something I do on the reg now that I'm a mom) I bought the pacifier. Once we were home I proceeded to clean it and hand over to my tiny baby. They became instant best friends. I think there's something about having a little stuffed buddy that babies love about the otherwise traditional pacifier.

When I had my twins, I got different animal Wubba's (as we call them here) for each, so we knew which was whose at all times. The girls love pacifiers way more than their older brother did (who, by age 6 months, decided pacis were lame and forced me to put my beloved Violet-look-alike Wubba away), and I was so proud to see them figure out how to put the paci in their mouths by themselves (those are the skills that matter!).

But look, it's not only my babies who love these. Celeb babies are just as obsessed with WubbaNubs as regular babies (celebrities, they are just like us). Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Kim Kardashian West

Gigi Hadid

Beverly Mitchell

Khloe Kardashian

Brittany Aldean

Chrissy Teigen

Chance The Rapper

Mindy Kaling

And if you want to get one for your babe, here are my current favorites.

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