With Father's Day just around the corner, now's the time to get shopping for the best gift ever . At Motherly we're shopping for all the dads— Grandpas , first-time papas and true one-of-kind partners . Nailing the Father's Day gift is something we take pride in (and admittedly feel pretty smug about when it trumps his Mother's Day gift.)

I asked Team Motherly about their Father's Day gift plans (knowing this is a crew with their finger on the pulse) to offer a little bit of inspo. The best part is, you can steal these ideas and get full credit when it arrives.

From the sweetest twinning ideas to experience gifts that are sure to knock his socks off, here's what we're treating the dads in our lives to this Father's Day!

Craft Beer Kings Gift Box


Living in the Pacific Northwest, my husband loves finding new craft beers to try, and I recently found a site that will curate a box of selected beer, based on your preferences. I bought him one for Christmas last year and he LOVED it. They have some super funky options and they were ones that he'd never heard of—so he was so excited to try them. Thinking he needs another one for Father's day!

Brittany Pettit, Operations Manager


Golf Legends Alphabet Book


Our first baby is due shortly after Father's Day! I would love to say my gift to all the wonderful father figures in my life is this new baby, but I felt I should do a little more! My husband is getting a golf-inspired children's book he can read our daughter.

Hayli Craig, Editorial Operations Manager

A Family Trip Back Home

We moved from Chicago to Texas three years ago, visited once or twice in 2018, and haven't been able to go back since. So I decided to splurge this Father's Day and get my husband (and son and myself) tickets to fly back to Chicago for a long weekend. As a bonus, I'm also going to get to see my dad for the first time in over a year!

Becca Brink, Assistant Editor

Grandpa Hat


Oh, and all new grandpas are getting various "grandpa" hats!

Hayli Craig, Editorial Operations Manager


VSSL Build-Your-Own Gear Kit


My partner is constantly inspiring all of us to get out and explore. He's not only our family plant identification expert, he's even convinced us that we love camping. For this summer's adventures, the kiddos and I are putting together the ultimate explorer kit from VSSL. The indestructible, military-grade tubes can be filled with everything from first aid supplies to drinking dice (fireside entertainment is important too!) and capped with a compass and flashlight to keep all the necessities in one place. Prices start at 37.50

Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor


Noshinku Hand Sanitizer


We all need hand sanitizer regardless of a pandemic. But most come in bulky packaging and can be far too fragrant. My husband travels A LOT and now finds himself back on an airplane every week. Keeping germs at bay is key, so I am giving him Noshinku , an innovative Bergamot scented formula inside a slim fit-in-any-pocket dispenser. Not only is the scent non-chemically or floral, but the sexy matte dark brown packaging that is smaller than a deck of cards makes it easy to always have this "handy."

Anne-Marie Gambelin, Science + Research Editor

Big Green Egg


And I would be remiss if I didn't add something that speaks to his heart, so I'm giving him the holy grail of outdoor cooking, the Big Green Egg kamado-style charcoal grill to make his baking, roasting and smoking dreams come true (and mine!). This beast can do anything. And it comes in seven different sizes, so the hardest part is deciding which one to get.

Anne-Marie Gambelin, Science + Research Editor

Tickets to See Live Music

Now that California is opening back up and my husband and I are vaccinated (hooray science!) we're eager to get back to live music—something we've both sorely missed over the last 15 months. I plan to snag us tickets to an outdoor show at Terrapin Crossroads , a local restaurant/bar owned by Phil Lesh. Pre-pandemic we would spend most Sundays here with drinks, friends and music. We can't wait to introduce our 15-month-old to real music that doesn't come out of a speaker (or the pots and pans his older brother has taken to using as drums).

Personalized Golf Balls


My go-to gift for my husband for Father's Day is one he loves (a gift certificate to go golfing), but since I repeat it often, it's admittedly a little stale. That's why this year I'm adding personalized golf balls (inspired by our personalized gifts for Father's Day gift guide ), which I know he will love for their practicality!

Shannon Vestal Robson, Collective Director


Matching Polo Shirts


I started a tradition last year of buying my husband and son matching Polo shirts. We've gotten a few cute pictures in their matching shirts. Prices vary.

Ukeme Eme, Executive Producer of Classes


Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit


My husband loves using his charcoal grill/smoker and cooking for us all summer long. We also both love trying different hot sauces and marinades, so I'm getting him a "make your own hot sauce kit" from Uncommon Goods.

Cassandra Stone, Staff Writer

Father + Son Matching Swimsuits


This year is my fiance's first official Father's Day and we're planning a trip to Florida in August, so I'm getting him and our son matching swim shorts. Swimzip has a bunch of great patterns and styles to choose from (including the most adorable long sleeve rashguard rompers for the mini!) Prices vary.

Haley Tardy, Social Media Content Manager


Dada Sweatshirt


Last year, I got him this great dada sweatshirt which makes the perfect first Father's Day gift!

Haley Tardy, Social Media Content Manager

Whisky Tasting Set


I once bought my dad a whisky tasting kit along with vintage pint glasses (lots of etsy searching) which is a still-talked-about hit.

Haley Tardy, Social Media Content Manager

Insta360 Go 2


My husband loves making videos and taking photos, and especially loves little tech gadgets. He's been eyeing the Insta360 Go 2 , so I decided to splurge and get it for him. Lightweight and about the size of your thumb, the Insta360 Go 2 claims to be "the world's smallest action cam". It can attach to anything, stabilizes any bumpy video (so in other words you can run with it but the video will be completely smooth) and is waterproof. Perfect for summer fun!

Ellen Schmidt, Staff Writer