Before you roll your eyes at me, let me tell you I also thought Crocs were, well, the not best-looking shoe on the market. I made fun of my mom when she bought not one, but two, pairs to make sure she always had one handy. Of course, I have not learned my lesson that sometimes our moms know best and sighed every time I saw her wearing them.

Then I got pregnant.

With twins.

In New York City.

The country’s fashion capital would never see me wearing anything but my most precious collection of fancy shoes and overpriced sneakers, right? Wrong.

My feet grew two sizes overnight, and the idea of having to tuck my tired feet into tight winter boots while seven months pregnant was just not going to happen. So, after shoe shopping for my toddler at a discount store (love myself a deal), I spotted fleece-lined Crocs in my size and thought, why not? No one can judge a pregnant person—ever—so the time was now. My husband (I like to believe has less fashion style than me) decided to buy a pair as well. I was too pregnant to argue that we were becoming a fully matching family—something we said we would never do—so off we went with our new fleece clogs.

The first time I put them on my eyes grew bigger and bigger. They are comfortable and soft and omg….I thought. My husband had the same reaction.

Slowly, but surely, that “whatever” purchase turned into the best purchase ever made. It started with just wearing them to walk the dogs because they are easy to put on and don’t require socks. Then I started using them to go to the doctor because they kept my swelling feet comfortable while I transferred three different subways to get there. Then, I just basically never took them off. I wore my Crocs everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I didn’t care. My feet were happy, and I was happy.

I thought back to when I made fun of my mom for buying two pairs. First, I realized I should probably stop making fun of her because she’s clearly wiser. Secondly, I went ahead and bought myself another pair of clogs—this time for summer, and covered in strawberries. Shortly after, the strawberry ones blew up and sold out because influencers flooded Instagram to show them off. And days ago, the New York Times (!!) declared that Crocs won 2020 after their collection with Bad Bunny sold out within minutes.

So I think it’s time we all go ahead and get ourselves a pair (or two) of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, and decide that you know what? Crocs are cool, after all. They’re perfect for moms. They won’t get ruined if your toddler spills milk on them, you can put them on and take them off without having to use your hands, and you can even get your feet in the water while wearing them.

These are my current favorite Crocs for sale:

Fleece-lined animal print

Womenu2019s Crocs Freesail Printed Lined Clog

Look, if we are going to make Crocs cool again (TM pending) we might as well bring animal print back. This model has 4.5 stars and some reviews call it a”must-have for fall and winter.”




Classic clog

Classic Clog

Their most iconic look, now in so many colors. Brighten up any outfit with these.




Platform clog

Crocbandu2122 Platform Clog

For when you need a little height and a more stylized look, these clogs have a platform. Also ideal to jump in puddles with your toddler without, you know, getting your feet in the water.




Vacay Vibes clog

Classic Vacay Vibes Clog

The strawberry print is sold out so why not make bananas the next Instagram hit?




Tie-Dye clog

Bayaband Tie-Dye Clog

These are the offspring of the two hottest quarantine trends: Crocs and tie dye!




Fleece lined puff clog

Classic Lined Neo Puff Clog

The puffy jacket of Crocs, I’m actually buying a pair as I type this.




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