Many kiddos have a beloved stuffed animal. Of course, teddy bears reign supreme but they've had a longer go of it.

Invented in two different parts of the world at about the same time around the turn of the 20th century, stuffed toy bears have been a childhood staple for generations. They've been dragged around, drooled on, left behind and loved so deeply they literally burst at the seams. And even though as parents, the thought of losing the irreplaceable naptime must-have is enough to wake you in a cold sweat, even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests a transition object (like a stuffed animal) can be an important source of emotional support for your child.

So it's no surprise that over the years, all of the animal kingdom has made its plush debut in some way or another. One that seems to have rocketed its way to cult status? The ridiculously adorable Foxy the Fox from perennial favorite Bunnies by the Bay. A few months ago the only place you could find him was eBay (among other vintage BBTB treasures) but just in time for holiday gifting, he's blessedly back in stock.

Like all of their heirloom plush, it's super soft and perfectly sized to become part of their crew. Baby-safe embroidered features adorn his shaggy fur while his long arms and legs make him easy to tote around. Foxes not their thing? Well, you're in luck—because there are plenty of ready-to-snuggle alternatives (which are currently on sale) right in the Motherly Shop.

Scoop up Foxy the Fox and shop our favorite Bunnies by the Bay plush below!

Foxy the Fox

Bunnies by the Bay foxy the fox

In all his handsome glory, Foxy the Fox is BACK!

Clucky the Chicken

Bunnies by the Bay clucky the chicken

Honestly, the kid that makes a stuffed chicken their BFF is a kid I instantly adore.

Hammie the Pig

Bunnies by the Bay Hammie the Pig

(Vegetarians might want to rename this one.)

Harey the Bunny Rabbit

Harey the Bunny Rabbit

Who says bunnies are only for Easter?

Moo Moo the Cow

Bunnies by the Bay moo moo the cow

Complete with a stylish neckerchief, Moo Moo is a personal favorite.

Ocho the Octopus

Bunnies by the Bay Ocho octopus

What's better than a stuffed octopus? One with a jaunty sailor hat, I'd argue.

Cubby the Bear

Bunnies by the Bay cubby the bear

And if you can't help but go the traditional route, this snuggly pal is top notch.

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