I'm a mom of three and if there's something I'm an expert on, it's dressing comfortably , especially while pregnant (and chasing after a toddler).

Leggings were the only thing I wore during my second pregnancy and once I discovered the Glowe maternity leggings there was no going back to regular pants.

Here's why: They were designed by Lucy Ovignton, an experienced fashion design executive who worked with several big brands, including Under Armour. The Glowe maternity leggings will work through the nine months of changes your body goes through during pregnancy—and beyond. All without stretching or sagging, which was the selling point for me since I was tired of pulling up maternity pants that insisted on falling off my body regardless of how big my belly was getting.

But there's more, the way the leggings are designed, it provides support for your back in those final months when everything hurts. So it's both leggings and a support belt all in one, without being bulky or hard to remove when you have to run to the bathroom for the millionth time in the day. Plus, the fabric is silky smooth and thick, which means no one will see your underwear through it.

Because of the support it provides, I wore them to leave the hospital after delivering my twins since it held my now-empty and squishy belly tight and comfortably after my C-section.

And they're on sale right now—regularly $150, they're marked down to just $105 (and worth every single penny):

Glowe maternity leggings

Glowe Leggings

The smooth, seamless bonded waistband stays put through all stages of pregnancy and interior cooling technology keeps them breathable and comfortable.

Glowe BFF shirt

BFF T-Shirt

If you're looking for a T-shirt that will also allow your bump to grow without ever having your belly button be fully exposed, this Glowe one is the perfect pair for the leggings.

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