When two universally loved things come together, magic happens. And by “magic” we mean “holiday gift slam dunk.” Introducing Lego’s first-ever “Sesame Street” set, released just in time to bring some much-needed joy this season. First of all, who doesn’t love Lego ? They’ve inspired kids to create for decades, and top gift lists year after year. Sprinkle in the power of Sesame Street, a show that’s comforted and educated generations of kiddos through loving explanations of everything from breastfeeding to racism , and we might be just as excited about it as the little ones. (Which given the fact it’s 1,367 pieces means, well, it’s likely up to the adults to work on.) The exclusive new set includes five all-new mini-figurines of your favorite characters since 1969, including Cookie Monster (with a cookie in hand, obvs), Big Bird, Elmo and his beloved Dorothy, Oscar and his trash can, Bert (with his pigeon!), Ernie, a rubber ducky (naturally) and even Radar the teddy bear. Feeling nostalgic yet, mama? You also get to build the streetscape we know and love including Hooper’s store, Big Bird’s nest and the iconic Sesame Street sign. Flip it around dollhouse style and you’ll find Elmo and Bert and Ernie’s apartment along with the treasures they hold. (Can we buy one even if our kids are far too old to care?)

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123 Sesame Street lego set

sesame street 123 set The 123 Sesame Street set features Elmo’s bedroom as well as Bert and Ernie’s apartment. You’ll be singing ‘Rubber Duckie’ as you build the model.
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