“Discreet” wouldn’t exactly be the word we’d use to describe pregnancy tests. Generally packaged in the most conspicuous boxes and constructed of considerable amounts of plastic, their design can give you cold sweats from purchase all the way to disposal—no matter what outcome you’re hoping for.

Thankfully, after 30 years, the at-home pregnancy test is finally getting a much-needed upgrade.

Launched just this week, LIA is a brand-new ultra-thin pregnancy test made from paper. Yes, paper . Not only is it small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, but it’s totally flushable and compostable as well. Like its plastic predecessors, LIA tests for pregnancy by analyzing urine for small amounts of hCG and chunky, easy-to-read red lines provide a yes or no. According to the company, it’s 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy when taken the first day after missing a period.

How does paper hold up to getting peed on? Just fine, actually. A small amount of coating keeps it firm while you do the deed and dissolves in water when you toss it in the toilet. (It weighs less than four squares of two-ply toilet paper, so if you’re worried about flushing it, know that your average pre-schooler likely uses approximately sixty-four times as much when tasked with wiping themselves.) Alternatively, if you’re the scrapbooking type, the compact construction makes it easy to save and celebrate.

Who invented it? Well, two brilliant women, of course. Co-founders Bethany Edwards and Anna Couturier were inspired while conducting research for their Master’s at UPenn. As they began to learn about the history of the pregnancy test and spoke with women about their experiences using them, it became clear the space was ripe for innovation.

The need for discretion aside, reducing single-use plastics is huge. For some, especially those who are struggling to conceive and taking multiple tests month after month, the waste that’s produced by standard pregnancy tests is staggering. It’s estimated that the US market alone purchases 20 million pregnancy and ovulation tests per year and while some can be recycled, most end up in landfills.

The phrase “game-changing” can be overused but it’s truly the only way to describe what Lia is doing.

Meet Lia and stock up below!

Lia pregnancy tests

Lia Pregnancy test

Lia is currently available online only in two packaging styles: signature and ultra discreet. Includes two tests per order and free shipping.


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