On March 8th, 1911, International Women's Day took place for the first time.

In 1978, the Education Task Force of the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women in Santa Rose planned and executed a "Women's History Week" celebration. A couple years later, President Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation to declare the Week of March 8th, 1980 "National Women's History Week" across the nation. Nine years after that, in March 1987, Congress designated March as Women's History Month going forward. Women are at the forefront of history—and whether it's acknowledged on the calendar for a single day, week or month, we've not only given birth to the people of the world, we've shaped it as well. At its inception, Women's Day was leveraged to protest the need for better labor laws, conditions, and the right to vote, and while we continue to struggle with issues like equal pay, reproductive rights and a pandemic that has disproportionately affected women, there's no doubt we've come a long way. The work of women throughout history has paved the way for untold amounts of innovation and creativity. Thus, in 2019, women started 1,821 new businesses every day , making 40% of US businesses women-owned. We've revolutionized industries and created products that changed the world.
So it's no surprise that over 60% of the brands we curated in the Motherly Shop are conceived of, launched and run by women. Women who saw a need for something that didn't exist or could be improved upon and went for it. We could not be more proud to amplify the work they do and the incredible products they create. So this month (and always!) we want to shine a light on the women-owned brands we love so much. To double down on these efforts, this month the Motherly Shop will be donating 1% of sales to Dress for Success. Dress for Success is an international non-profit organization empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Since their start in 1997, they've helped more than one million women in 29 countries work toward self-sufficiency. Visit www.dressforsuccess.org to learn more.

Discover some of these brilliant women-owned businesses and their empowering products below!

7am Enfant : Stylish, urban accessories that keep babies cozy and mamas fresh

City mamas have been crushing on the stylish, fashion-forward and functional designs from 7am Enfant since the brand's launch in 2002. Founded by French designer and mama of three, Rebecca Campora, their cozy and warm on-the-go solutions are ideal for keeping little ones snug and secure without sacrificing style. With innovative, cruelty-free products like stroller mittens and stroller bags, their line not only keeps mamas and littles warm, but provides peace of mind as well. And while we adore the products themselves, we're even more moved by their mission. Rebecca aims to use the 7AM brand as a tool to promote social movements that embody the core values that are woven in her life as a mother, entrepreneur, and designer—including children's rights, women's rights and animal rights. The brand routinely donates proceeds to programs that directly support these initiatives, including their Feminist Collection which donates 10% to Girl Rising .

7am London quilted diaper backpack

7am London quilted diaper backpack Whether this beauty is loaded with diapers or your laptop, you'll be ready to go and looking good. It's totally machine washable (we see you, leaky sippy cup) and comes equipped with a wipeable padded changing pad and two straps for easy stroller attachment.

Belly Bandit : Body after baby revolutionized

Picture this. You're out shopping at Target just a couple of months after giving birth, enjoying some of your first baby-free moments. You reach for the cat litter and a well-intentioned staff member offers some assistance. "Here, let me get that for you. After all, you're pregnant ." 😱 Not everyone could manage to take that in stride. Lori Caden, on the other hand, managed to turn it into an incredibly successful business. The experience sparked the creation of what's now a ubiquitous postpartum must-have—the Belly Bandit. Along with her sisters, the three got to work researching and designing a solution that would help new moms feel more like themselves while supporting their postpartum bodies. The product drew inspiration from the centuries-old practice of belly binding and created a modern version that is doctor-recommended and mama-endorsed by everyone from Motherly's own co-founder Liz Tenety to the Kardashians. Since their launch in 2008, they've developed an impressive portfolio of products that have revolutionized the body-after-baby market, staying true to their mission of " empowering all women to look and feel their absolute best—before, during and after pregnancy ."

Belly Bandit original postpartum compression wrap

Belly Bandit original postpartum compression wrap Gentle compression helps your belly adjust to your new normal during the 4th trimester—and beyond. Adjustable to your size, even as it changes.

Dairy Fairy + Milkful : Feminine, functional intimates for nursing and pumping mamas

As anyone who has wrestled themselves into a less than sexy, over-the-top utilitarian nursing bra knows, it can be quite the demoralizing experience. Add to that the annoyance of having to switch out to a completely different contraption in order to pump hands-free, and it's even more of a let down (pun not necessarily intended.) Frustrated by this all-to-universal dance, founder Emily Ironi made it her mission to create all-in-one bras that not only work for moms but celebrate them. Throughout the years, she heard from many women of different shapes and sizes, asking, "why doesn't this come in my size?" Adding sizes to the line didn't quite feel like enough. Instead, she launched a truly size-inclusive sister company, called Milkful to create an entirely new way to support their specific needs during such an important time in their lives. Ironi's lines of pretty, feminine intimates for nursing and pumping combine function with aesthetics to keep moms of all sizes looking and feeling their best as they rock new motherhood.

Dairy Fairy Ayla nursing and hands-free pumping bra

Dairy Fairy Ayla nursing and hands-free pumping bra With romantic, all-over lace detailing and demi cups for added va-va-voom, this bra gives new meaning to “one hot mama." Coupled with demi underwire for added support, this bra can uplift your spirit and your girls all day long.

Dreamland Baby : Better, longer sleep for babies

Tara Williams' son refused to sleep for more than an hour and a half at a time when he was around 6 months old. Exhausted and desperate to find a solution, she draped a thick throw blanket over him as he laid on the couch next to her one evening, and he fell asleep almost immediately. This was it! Gentle pressure like that of an adult's weighted blanket—but made safe for babies. Since nothing like that seemed to exist, she got to work designing one. With a prototype in hand, she worked with pediatricians, NICU nurses and certified sleep consultants on a series of refinements and testing that resulted in a sleep-safe sack that exceeds all U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards—and even secured a $100K investment on Shark Tank!

Dreamland Baby dream weighted sleep gown

Dreamland Baby dream weighted sleep gown Designed to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation through deep-pressure stimulation, this amazing sleep sack is lightly weighted to mimic your hug and give baby feelings of security and comfort to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Earth Mama Organics : Effective, natural herbal care for mamas and babies

Founded and grown in her own garage in 2002, Melinda Olson began Earth Mama as an operation of one, creating salves, tinctures, teas and soaps with homegrown herbs. With a deep desire to bring the healing powers of nature that have been relied on for thousands of years to as many mamas as possible, Olson's formulas quickly grew into Earth Mama Organics  Since then, the brand has remained committed to manufacturing clean, safe and effective herbal solutions for the entire journey of motherhood, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care, and even the loss of a baby.

Earth Mama organic nipple butter

Earth Mama organic nipple butter Earth Mama's organic nipple butter is the only one Motherly's Director of Health and Wellness (and resident Certified Nurse Midwife), Diana Spalding recommends. "It's what I used with all three of my children (especially baby number two who was a ferocious nursing-biter), and the ointment I recommend to every single patient I speak to."

Esembly : Modern cloth diapering made easy

Leave it to a mom to figure out a cloth diapering system that not only takes the stress out but brings style and sustainability in. Leveraging everything she learned from her previous cloth diaper laundering business (which provided service to hundreds of parents in NYC who didn't want to schlep dirty diapers to the laundromat) Liz Turrigiano created a reusable cloth diapering system that gives parents the tools to diaper simply and sustainably, regardless of where they live. They're committed to helping parents "live less disposably" through sustainably grown, low-impact, high-quality materials and responsible manufacturing. And we have to say—it looks gorgeous too.

Esembly outer diaper cover

Esembly outer diaper cover Esembly diapers are made up of two products: an absorbent Inner and a waterproof Outer. The Outer is the part of the diaper that provides the containment. If anything sneaks past the Inner, you can rest assured it won't go beyond the Outer. Available in a variety of jewel tones and gorgeous patterns, you almost don't want to get that squishy baby dressed.

Habbi Habbi : The easiest way to intro littles to a different language

Co-founders and best friends, Hanna and Anne-Louise created Habbi Habbi as an expression of their effort to be intentional parents. Habbi Habbi's Reading Wand & Bilingual Books help even the youngest children begin learning a second language. Their innovative and engaging play-based tool brings language to life through a tech-enabled wand and "tappable" books that give kids instant feedback, from vocabulary and phrases to musical tunes. And while learning the alphabet, colors, and shapes is great, we love that they also work to include topics like emotions, female role models and diversity.

Habbi Habbi bilingual book + reading wand mini set: mom careers

Habbi Habbi bilingual book + reading wand starter set This interactive book teaches the Spanish language. Every inch of this beautiful children's book is tappable with the magic wand so kids can hear sentences.

Little Likes Kids : Toys that reflect and celebrate today's kids

The world is diverse. However, the toys made for kids often aren't reflective of their experiences. In 2018, Kemi Tignor launched Little Likes Kids to offer her son playtime options that more closely resembled his life and the life of his friends. Through beautifully illustrated games, puzzles and accessories that depict children and families of all different backgrounds, Little Likes Kids offers more than fun solutions for quiet time—their thoughtful inclusivity is a powerful way to make kids feel seen and loved.

Little Likes Kids fun outside jumbo puzzle

Little Likes Kids Fun Outside jumbo puzzle Designed to be vibrant and joyful, the Fun Outside puzzle reflects everyday scenes of childhood spent outside. Double-dutch on the sidewalk and hairdos on the stoop is a familiar scene for children across the nation.

Needed : Nourishment before, during and after baby

Launched by Stanford MBAs, mamas and self-professed "wellness and nutrition nerds," Ryan Woodbury and Julie Sawaya, Needed is on a mission to provide real nutritional support for mamas and mamas-to-be. During their own pregnancies, they learned most women aren't meeting their nutritional needs during pregnancy and postpartum. They took that important knowledge and worked tirelessly to create a line of highly-researched, science-backed supplements that help empower real nourishment in women on their motherhood journey. Through their products, educational resources and community of trusted health practitioners and like-minded mamas, they're doing an incredible job supporting women in all phases.

Needed collagen protein

Needed collagen protein Essential for blood sugar management, minimizing nausea, and for growing baby's cells and the placenta, collagen provides an optimal form for getting the protein mama's need. It slips, completely unnoticed, into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal—even soup so you barely even have to think about what's on the menu for the day!

Lucy Lue Organics : Sustainably and ethically-produced modern baby clothes

Like so many women, Lucy Lue's priorities shifted after giving birth to her son. As she struggled to balance motherhood with a corporate career, she realized something had to change and left her job to create a company that put her values first. Thoughtfully designed to mix-and-match, Lucy Lue's sustainably and ethically produced collection of modern organic baby clothes only uses fabrics that are "environmentally friendly from seed to seam." Their gorgeous, earthy tones and comfy, minimalist styles make the perfect addition to first wardrobes from birth through the first years.

Lucy Lue organic bubble romper

Lucy Lue organic bubble romper Our favorite? This cute and simple one-piece. Made from supremely soft GOTS certified cotton and featuring functional buttons down the chest and snaps on the inner leg for easy on and off changing, it's a summer baby must-have.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.