As any parent can confirm, packing the diaper bag before leaving the house is a pivotal moment. What kind of emergency clothes do I bring for this weather? Are five diapers enough? (Probably not.) Will he be napping? I need the pacifier, fuzzy blanket and Mr. Bunny. How will I keep her happy on the car drive? By the time you've packed for every possible scenario and are ready to walk out the door, the bag will barely zip. Instead of overstuffing, free up room in your bag —and weight off your shoulders—by ditching bulky toys and packing one or two of these small, but entertaining, toys that will keep your kiddo happy and entertained on the go.

The Vegan Kinney diaper bag

The Vegan Kinney diaper bag Before we get into the toys, you need a diaper bag that is as functional as it is beautiful. This bag by Mina Baie is constructed from soft, vegan material, and can be worn as a crossbody, tote or backpack. Designed for the mama who wants a stylish solution to the sometimes not-so-stylish diaper bag dilemma, no one will know this bag is actually stuffed with diapers, toys and sunscreen!

Natural wooden rattle keys

PLAN TOYS Natural Wooden Rattle Key These natural wooden rattle keys may look small and simple but are the perfect on-the-go toy for your baby. Designed to encourage fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, they'll keep your baby busy as they shake the rattle to hear the sounds, explore the smooth texture with their mouth and watch the keys move.

Llama soft book

Llama Soft Book A soft book folds and fits easily into any corner of your diaper bag while also providing babies with a way to explore texture, colors, language and more—all in one small book! Soft books are designed to inspire babies to interact with the pages by including pull out flaps, textured materials and fun surprises like mirrors. Instead of weighing down your diaper bag with hard baby books that are difficult to maneuver and less interactive, grab a soft book that will give you less bulk and keep your little one entertained for longer.

Rocking penguin toy

PLAN TOYS Rocking Penguin Toy Perfect to pull out when your baby is getting antsy while sitting in a restaurant, this little penguin has a nearly indestructible design and safe round edges. Your baby will love to feel its smooth texture in their hands and watch it wobble and tumble when placed on a hard surface. Bat the penguin occasionally so they can watch how it rocks and attempt to reach out and catch it in motion. Easy to pack and exciting playtime, all in one!

Decco pup activity cube

MARY MEYER Decco Pup Activity Cube Small and soft enough to squish into a bag, but multidimensional enough for long stretches of entertainment, this activity cube stimulates babies with multiple textures, embroidered details and crinkle sounds. Great to use as a prop for storytelling or simply for engaging solo play, your baby can play and throw the cube worry-free because you can toss it into the washing machine for easy cleanup after a day of fun.

Montessori ball

Teal Baby Plush Ball Rattle The more simple the toy, the more possibility for imaginative play! Montessori balls are designed to roll but also provide an easy grip for small hands. Your little one can squeeze, grasp, grip and mouth the ball safely while sitting in a stroller, or try setting out a blanket and placing the ball in front of them for some tummy time if you're out and about at the park or beach.

Wee Gallery crinkle toy leaf

Wee Gallery Crinkle Toy Leaf A little crinkle goes a long way. Perhaps the smallest and easiest to pack of them all, a crinkle toy is the perfect diaper bag toy for on-the-go entertainment. During a moment of fussiness, pulling out a crinkle toy is immediately attention-grabbing and distracting enough to reverse a potential meltdown.

Wrist rattles

Infantino Wrist Rattles, Monkey and Panda Perfect for the car ride, wrist rattles easily velcro or slip on your baby's wrists and eliminate the moment of panic when your little one throws their toy on the floor, just out of reach. When they're done playing, these little rattles are small enough to slip in a pocket of your bag. You can even find some designed for their ankles—a great way to encourage babies to explore and discover their own feet!

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