Whether you're a new parent expecting your first baby or a seasoned mama about to give birth to your fourth, the experience of registering—and figuring out exactly what you do and do not need—is overwhelming. Maybe it's the hormones, maybe it's your aching back, maybe it's the fact that another human is about to enter your household. Whatever the reason, we know that even the smallest registry decisions can be incredibly hard.

So we're pretty excited about Walmart's new super intuitive, super easy-to-use baby registry.

walmart baby registry Walmart

Here's what we love about it:

1. Set up the entire registry online in one click.

Sign up and Walmart auto-populates your registry for you, covering all the main categories (stroller, carseat, diapers, crib, etc.). Want to swap out an item Walmart picked for something else? Just click "change item" and choose something else from Walmart's curated category lists.

2. Walmart will auto-populate your nursery based on your personal style.

After taking a quick survey, Walmart pulls in ideas that fit your style. Again, these picks are easy to change… but we found we didn't even want to. The design choices were totally in line with what we would have selected on our own.

3. Manage your registry directly from the Walmart app.

Have insomnia at 4 am and are second guessing your stroller pick? You can make registry edits and additions straight from your phone. Feel like you want to do all of this in person? Use the app to scan items in one of Walmart's 4,500 stores and add them directly to your registry list. (One helpful detail we like is that all the registry products have an in-store aisle locator so grandparents, friends and other gift-givers can easily and quickly shop for you if they opt to go to a store.)

4. Get swag when you sign up!

Walmart will send you welcome box of baby essentials from Dr. Brown's, Pampers, Nanobebe and more. We repeat: Free stuff!

Sign up for your registry here, and one more thing… congratulations, mama!

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