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5 fertility meditations to help you relax + focus on making a baby

We all know modern life can be stressful. And life while trying to get pregnant—well, it’s like wedding planning and LSATs and your first (last?) skydive all rolled into one wild experience.

By carving out some meditation time in your schedule you can slow down that crazy train and relax as you TTC.

Eliminating unnecessary stress is very important when trying to conceive (studies show women with high stress levels often have a harder time getting pregnant), and meditations can help.

So grab a pillow and sit or lie down, take some deep breaths, and allow yourself time to focus on you and the baby you want to welcome into the world.

Serenity now. . .

1. Preconception Meditation

This 15-minute guided meditation is a perfect way to get your body and mind ready to become a mother.

2. Meditation for Fertility, Infertility, Adoption

This is a quick but meaningful guided meditation that you can easily fit into a busy day. READYSETPREGNANT.

3. Morning Fertility Meditation

Quiet mornings are the perfect time for reflection and focus. (They’re also a time for lots and lots of ☕ coffee, let’s be real.) Try this beautiful 9-minute guided meditation when you wake up, before you officially start the day.

4. Fertility Meditation

Let go of negative thoughts (bye-bye, obsessing over fears and uncertainty and whether this is FERTILE MUCUS OR NOT?) with this peaceful 4-minute meditation.

5. Positive Affirmations for Fertility

Reading or repeating positive affirmations can be very helpful with visualizing and manifesting the thought of inviting a baby into your life, your body and your family. May you manifest a healthy baby... and lots of adorable accessories.

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