Name: Jenée Naquin Neighborhood: South Slope, Brooklyn Occupation: Handbag designer turned Director of Operations at 1 Atelier & creator of Baby’s Sex: Surprise!!! I think it's a girl but everyone else thinks it's a boy. How would you describe your pregnant style? In the very beginning when everything started to stretch I found it difficult to be excited to dress. I just wanted comfortable clothing which is usually no fun. But as most of the growing pains subsided and the bump became noticeable I loved accentuating it and showing it which means very fitted clothing. I think my dress code may have become even sexier as I now where everything very fitted!! Have you had any challenges learning to dress your body during this pregnancy? As the proportions started to change I definitely noticed some of my go to styles and accessories not working anymore. For instance I love little scarves on the neck in summer instead if a necklace. Though accentuating a slender neck made me look like some kind of funky Tim Burton character all off balance with this ballooning belly. Same goes for racer back tank tops that make the middle look even bigger (and funnier) and busy prints. Though, some of my man repeller, baggy butt, cool sweat-style pants, which my husband does in fact hate, actually now fits my also growing derrière. My husband now likes how fitted they are! So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy? How many conversations I have with literally every single person in New York City about this bump from the check out girls at my lunch spots to the sanitation workers on my street, and passengers on elevators. It reminds me daily what a sweet and special time this is in a woman's life. I had many fears going into pregnancy like stretch marks, lethargy, weight gain and my career. I did not realize how charming pregnancy could be. What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump? I haven't bought many new things because most of my clothes are stretchy so I've made it work. It's been fun to discover dresses that I've had for a few years and had grown tired of come to life again with my new physique. For instance I have this vintage navy dress that ties in the front. Now I love this feature because it's cute to tie the bump up like a present. Though I have purchased a few new maternity essentials like the BellaBand by Ingrid & Isabel which has been great for keeping this major outee belly button under control! What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby? I think it will be when the baby is old enough to go for a bike ride. I fell in love with my husband following him around Brooklyn and Manhattan on a bike. He taught me to bike defensively and where every pothole is. It's such a freeing experience and the best way to tour any city. I look forward to being a family who bikes. Jenée is wearing: This Society of LES dress was one of those old dresses which I had tired of and found new life with the bump. I bought it on a trip to Chicago a few years ago while in the Gold Coast neighborhood. (Similar style) The Fiorentini + Baker boots are a new purchase from ERIC (my fave shoe store in Park Slope). They are more comfortable than sneakers. I plan on wearing them every day this winter--great mom boot: super comfy and super stylish.

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Photography by Jonica Moore Studio. Shot on location at Home.coming in Brooklyn.