The moment you meet your first child is undeniably one of the most magical moments in life. But watching your first child meet your second child (and so on) is its own special brand of magic. Even the littlest big siblings are still capable of understanding just how big of a moment it is and has big emotions to match! The excitement and joy that radiates through a family unit as siblings meet one another for the first time is so, so special.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I felt what so many second-time moms do: worry. I worried about my oldest feeling left out or lonely, because for almost four years, it had just been her and me. I worked from home from the time she was four months old, so she never knew a day without me. I panicked that she'd struggle to make the adjustment of sharing me and watching me meet the needs of a newborn (which are, in my experience, far more demanding and consuming than those of a toddler).

The moment my oldest walked into the hospital room to meet her sister, every worry I spent nine months curating and agonizing completely disappeared. The look of wonder and joy on her face as she peeked at her little sister through the tightly-swaddled blankets is imprinted in my mind and my heart forever. She immediately asked to hold her, and within minutes she was whispering lullabies into her sister's tiny ear, and telling her about all the things they'd do together. It was then that I knew I was setting my girls up for a lifelong bond of their own, and that it was my job to foster their relationship—not worry about it.

If you're looking to give your serotonin a little boost (and make use of any spare tissues you have lying around the house, these amazing images and videos of siblings meeting for the first time—from downright silly to heart-achingly sweet—is sure to make your day shine a little bit brighter.

Pure joy right here:

We've all been there. Even us seasoned moms.

When you can't be bothered to "ooh" and "aww" because it's just not your scene:

There have NEVER been two more excited sisters when it comes to meeting their baby brother:

Somebody give her that baby STAT:

Is it getting dusty in here? Because this little girl singing to her new baby brother is making my allergies act up:

And a shameless, personal plug of my own two children because we're all sharing the love:

oldest-and-youngest-sibling-meeting-for-the-first-time Cassandra Stone

Sibling love, amiright? We just can't get enough!