The dawn of a new year is always filled with new possibilities which is why those born between January 20 and February 18 are regarded as one of the more optimistic zodiac signs: an Aquarius. As an air sign, Aquarians are progressive and independent. They also enjoy helping others. Your baby may exhibit shyness or quietness at first (typical Aquarius move), but will slowly blossom into their own eccentric and bubbly personality.

If you’re looking for Aquarius names for your little one then you might consider names that play on their strengths or reference their element sign. Baby names inspired by their zodiac sign, like Scorpio baby names, can be unique and playful. Here are some Aquarius baby names, including names of famous celebrity Aquarians.

34 Aquarius names for your optimistic little wonder

Names Inspired by Aquarius traits


1. Charles

2. Karlee

3. Frankie

4. Lottie

5. Saorsie

Skillfulness and helpfulness

6. Codey

7. Dallas

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Aquarius names inspired by their air sign

8. Luna

9. Thor

10. Celestia

11. Lyra

12. Zeus

Aquarius baby names inspired by celebrity

13. Alicia (Keys)

14. Harry (Styles)

15. Ed (Sheeran)

16. Abel (Tesfaye)

17. Kelly (Rowland)

18. Oprah (Winfrey)

19. Chris (Rock)

20. Yara (Shahidi)

21. Emma (Roberts)

22. Jennifer (Aniston)

23. Evan (Peters)

24. Michael (Jordan)

25. Cristiano (Ronaldo)

26. Babe (Ruth)

27. Wayne (Gretzky)

28. Hank (Aaron)

29. Jackie (Robinson)

30. Mark (Spitz)

31. Amal (Clooney)

32. Sarah (Palin)

33. Maya (Harris)

34. Rosa (Parks)

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