October is a month full of adventure and fun. If you’re a lover of the fall season, you may be decked out in pumpkin decor and apple picking may be at the top of your list. But just as the leaves on the trees change, so will your life (for the better!) when your October baby arrives.

Beyond the cooler weather and Halloween celebrations, there are many reasons October babies are special. According to a study done in 2014 which tested the strength and stamina of school-aged students, “October-born children were stronger than those born in all months except September and November,” so you may be gearing up to welcome the next LeBron James, who just so happens to celebrate his birthday this month as well.

It’s not just physical strength that babies born this month happen to be blessed with. They may be the next leader, as history shows that more U.S. presidents celebrate their birthdays in October than any other month. Other studies show October babies are most likely to see their 100th birthday, have fewer heart health problems, and tend to have good mental health.

So put on your sweater, grab a pumpkin spice beverage and check out these adorable fall baby names.

October girl names

1. Opal

This name has significant meaning as it’s the birthstone for October.

2. Akika (Kiki)T

This unique name means autumn.

3. Marigold

The flower for October also doubles as a gorgeous name.

4. Scarlet

This name could represent the stunning colors of the season.

5. Emilia

Actress Emilia Clarke was born in October.

6. Eleanor

The iconic Eleanor Roosevelt celebrates her birthday this month as well.

7. Kelly

Beloved TV host Kelly Ripa was born Oct. 2.

8. Naomi

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka was born in October, further proving this month is full of phenomenal athletes.

9. Kate

As if you needed any more reason to choose this classic name, actress Kate Winslet is an October baby.

10. Autumn

This name speaks for itself.

October boy names

11. Carmine

Like Scarlet, this name means crimson, or a vivid red colors, rich in this season.

12. Jack

This classic name is a great option for the month of Halloween and all things Jack-o-Lanterns!

13. Zac

Hollywood star Zac Efron is an October baby.

14. LeBron

As mentioned above, NBA superstar LeBron James has an October birthday.

15. Teddy

Teddy Roosevelt was born this month.

16. Casper

While your baby won’t be into spooky things too soon, this nod to Casper the friendly ghost is both adorable and fitting.

17. Adrian

This name, which means “water” and “sea,” is. a perfect nod to Scorpio season, which is the water sign.

18. Edward

This name is reflective of the heartwarming character in the beloved Halloween film Edward Scissorhands.

19. Breeze

This unique name is perfect for a month in which the leaves blow in the wind.

20. Arista

Greek name meaning “harvest.”

A version of this post was published September 30, 2021. It has been updated.