The first step to creating your single mom pregnancy announcement is probably figuring out how you want to reveal your exciting news. Once you've worked out whether you want to share as soon as you find out or if you'd rather wait for your growing bump to do the talking, well, then the fun parts begins.

Your pregnancy announcement can be expressed in so many different and unique ways. You might opt for a photo featuring something adorably tiny to signal that there is something else adorably tiny on the way! Or, if sending out a card is more your style then you might take out your arts and crafts basket for a day of artsy card making complete with inspirational single mom pregnancy announcement quotes. Check out some of Instagrams's cutest photos for brilliant ideas.

Here are 10 cute and creative ways to make your single mom pregnancy announcement

1. Tiny shoes

2. Can't go wrong with a good ol' letter board

3. Fun printable

4. A little bit of Disney magic

5. Baby's breath dried flower ring

6. A deliciously chocolate affair

7. The four-legged crew

8. Single mom pregnancy announcement comfy edition

9. Growing flowers artwork

10. Let your coworkers know you're expecting