Spring is upon us, which means longer days, fresh flowers, spring cleaning, and a new batch of baby names ! The winter brought on a wave of new beginnings in space , politics, and we celebrated International Women's Day (P.S. check out our Women's History month baby names here ). But now it's time to spring forward into warmer weather and many new exciting adventures, like prepping to meet your little one!

Jumping off our list of March baby names , here's our extensive baby name spring roundup that'll put a smile on your face.

Springtime runs through March 20—June 20, so consider naming your spring baby March , April , May or June .

Spring is the dawn of rebirth and renewal. Renata , Neo , Newland , Oriana , Novack , Roxana and Zara are all trending baby names that symbolize new, reborn or dawn. Likewise, Anastasia stands for "resurrection."

Aviva means "springlike" in Hebrew, whereas Primavera signifies "spring" in Italian and Haruki translates to "spring child" in Japanese. The name Kia , which means "seasons beginning," is of African origin.

Flowers are a big symbol of spring. Consider naming your little flower Poppy , Lily , Rose , Lavender , Violet or Hyacinth , or after a tree, like Willow , Ash or Cypress .

Continuing with the flower theme, Flora , Florence and Fleur mean "flower," and Blossom equates to "to bloom." If none of these are sticking out to you, we've got you covered with over 50 more nature-inspired baby names right here .

Climbing the baby name chart is Pascal , a French name in reference of Easter.

If you enjoy Greek mythology, take a look at the name Persephone , daughter of Zeus and the queen of harvest.

Check out our favorite gifts for little flowers of all names.

Bunnies By The Bay blossom bunny pillow play mat

Bunnies By the Bay blossom bunny pillow play mat

Perfect for playtime, tummy time, and even bedtime. This 3-in-1 plush bunny friend will grow with baby, and they'll be inseparable before you know it. With blossom rattles and an option to customize Bao Bao bear's ear, this pillow play mat is the perfect gift for your baby-in-bloom.

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Bebe au Lait rosy oh-so-soft muslin single swaddle blanket

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Bunnies By the Bay cubby the bear

Bunnies By the Bay cubby the bear

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