It was the middle of the night, and my baby was awake for a feed and change for what felt like the millionth time. I was exhausted and recovering from major surgery, and yet here I was, bent over and struggling to snap tiny little pajama snaps with no success. " Next time we should get pjs without snaps ," I heard my husband mumble half asleep.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I swore I'd only buy my twins clothing without any snaps because I didn't want to be wrestling two squirmy babies while trying to get them dressed.

Who thought adding 17 snaps to baby clothes was a good idea in the first place? They never match up on the first try. Ever. And it's not like babies are willing to hold still while you figure it out. While I outlawed snaps for my own benefit, it's not just tired moms who can enjoy the convenience of no-snap clothing. Think about grandparents with achy hands, or dads who wear glasses. Snaps are just not user friendly to anyone.

So, start your journey as a new mom with the knowledge seasoned moms have and buy these clothes that come with no snaps:

Oriane sleep gown

ORIANE Essential Infant Tie Gown

This buttery soft sleep gown should be gifted to every new mom coming home from the hospital. Seriously, it's perfect for those newborn days, keeping baby skin softly hugged while making diaper changes easy-peasy. With no leg holes to try and stick kicking baby legs through, you can have your new baby dressed in no time. Plus, at such an affordable price point, you can stock up and be ready for any and all blow-outs.

MagneticMe pjs

Animal Safari Modal Magnetic Footie

I came across MagneticMe by accident when shopping second hand, and it quickly became a staple in our children's closet. All their clothes come with magnets, making diaper changes (especially in the middle of the night) super easy. Just line them up, and that's it. Baby is changed. The nurses at our pediatrician's office ask us about these outfits every time so they can share the brand with other new parents.

I also love that their sizing includes preemies below 5lbs, which makes caring for potentially medically delicate babies easier as there won't be anything getting in the way of changes. Their prints and fabrics are soft and fun and come in toddler sizes so siblings can match.

Peasy Co onesie

No-Snap Peasy Top + Bottom Set

These clothes were created with easy diaper changes in mind. With a patent-pending design, there are no snaps, zippers or magnets, but rather a different way of approaching dressing babies. The loops have quite a bit of stretch and allow you to pull tiny baby legs through a split in the center when it's time for a diaper change. The fabric is extra soft, hypoallergenic and breathable.

Bonds Zip Wondersuit


Zippers in baby clothes aren't a new thing; however, even the classics can be reinvented. This Australian brand zips both ways (starting at neck and feet), so you don't have to fully undress your baby in the middle of the night for changes, increasing the chances they may sleep through it. The designs are also so much fun that they've become a collectors favorite (not joking). Their high-quality construction is so good that I've bought some used at consignment stores that have easily lasted through my three children.


Pineapple Sunshine pajama set


If two-piece outfits are your thing, this adorable set covered in sailboats will have your baby drifting away into sleep while still being comfortable without any snaps. Is there anything easier to pull down than elastic band pants? No, I know from personal experience.

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