Making a baby always starts out fun. But if the months keep passing without that positive sign on the test, it can be easy to let stress creep in and crush the joy of trying.

Here are 5 products that put the oh-oh-OH back into conceiving:

1. What to wear: Underclub

If the business of baby-making has taken all the fun out of making love, you might want to consider a costume change. Underclub is a monthly subscription service that sends you a new pair of designer underwear with each delivery. Your pair is hand-selected by a stylist based on an online profile you create. Consider it a treat for every month you're trying!

Pro tip: Customize your profile to your current taste, or give your stylist the freedom to go bold. You never know what might do the trick. ?


2. To set the mood: Snowe Soy Wax Candles

If you want our opinion, nothing sets the mood like the proper lighting. And have you seen how fine you look in candlelight? Turn “trying for a baby" into the romantic rendezvous it was meant to be with 100% soy wax candles from Snowe. Each one burns for up to 75 hours, meaning you can feel free to take things slow.

Pro tip: Go for the Pillow Talk scent and thank us later.


3. To take things up a notch: The Liberator Wedge

Consider this pillow your gymnastics equipment made for the great sport of getting it on. The angled design of the Liberator Wedge helps prevent you and your partner from sinking into the bed during sex while keeping you close for maximum stimulation (trust us). Whether you're fans of missionary style, girl-on-top, or anything in between, you'll be so glad you have extra support where it counts. And OH! It counts.

Pro tip: After TTC sex, lie back and prop the wedge under your hips to give those sperm a head start to your cervix. Swim, baby, swim!


4. For smooth sailing: Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricant

While many lubricants actually act as deterrents to conception, Pre-Seed is a sperm- and vagina-friendly lube that not only doesn't harm sperm, but also provides them with antioxidant support while they're making the big journey to your egg. Basically, it's a win-win-win.

Pro tip: Some boxes come with an internal applicator, but you can use the lubrication as you normally would for intercourse.


5. To get comfortable: Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Nothing sets the scene for a little love quite like the right set of sheets. Which is why now would be a great time to update your standard set for a Luxe Core Sheet Set from Brooklinen. Trust us: You'll be grateful for each one of the 480 threads in these ultra-luxurious linens every time you get in bed.

Pro tip: Upgrade to the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle for everything you need to upgrade your sleep space. (Or, you know... whatever you're doing in there. ?)


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