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Every time a celebrity launches a beauty collection, my reaction is meh because it always feels so unattainable to me, both in price but also in skills required to use the products. As a mom of different aged kids, my routine is basically as fast as I can possibly accomplish this task while trying to also check work email . So no, I don't have time to contour my face like the Kardashian sisters . I do, however, have time to put some Chapstick on my lips.

But then came Drew Barrymore 's new beauty line, FLOWER Beauty. She's a super relatable person to begin with, but also a mega honest mom. She got our attention so we decided to test some of her products, thinking about other moms out there who might need a little extra self-care without breaking the bank.

Here are our FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore reviews:

Supernova celestial priming whip

FLOWER by Drew Supernova Celestial Priming Whip

I'm obsessed with using a good primer because without one my makeup just doesn't last as long or look as smooth. The one I've been using has been on the spendier end so I was eager to see what a more affordable (and whipped!) version would be like.

Well, no joke, it's amazing. It's so incredibly light, but also hydrating for my dry skin and gives me a soft-focus glow almost as if someone airbrushed me. I couldn't believe how smooth and glowy I looked just with the primer alone. I can see myself using this on no-makeup days just to give my skin a little love, and with how affordable this one is, I think I might just kick my spendy version to the curb. - Karell




Chill out calming skin serum

Flower by drew chill out calming skin serum

I stay up too late and don't drink enough water. At 38, I should be better about things like this, but lately I've decided acceptance is easier than change. And as a woman who's obsessed with skin care, it speaks to how stuck in my ways I actually am. Yes, breaking those habits could have a positive effect on my skin, but so can buying the right products. Like this one.

I've used a couple dozen hyaluronic acid serums over time and this one ranks right up there with the best of them. I love them for their plumping and moisturizing abilities while providing a fresh, dewy look that says " sure, I drink plenty of water! " Like most, it's lightweight and absorbs nicely. It's not sticky at all and the infusion of CBD helps alleviate any redness which is a real bonus. - Sara




Rotating styling iron

Flower Hair Tools Titanium 1.25u201d Rotating Styling Iron

Let me start by saying that I'm not a pro when it comes to styling my hair, however now that my time is very limited with all kids at home all the time, and having not look put together since basically 2018, I wanted to try this brush to see if it could control my hair.

It's super easy to use and it heats fast. My hair didn't look like it was styled professionally, but it really smoothed my wild curls without making my hair frizzy. If you are concerned about heat damage, this iron doesn't come with different heat settings, just on and off. I'm looking forward to getting good at doing my hair with it, because just with one try it was already a game-changer. - Motherly Editor




Powder Play lip color

Flower by Drew powder play lip color

I've never used a powder lip color before so I was extremely skeptical about how this would be. My lips tend to be on the drier side so I actually don't like using matte or "everlasting" lip products because they tend to make my lips feel dull. Imagine my surprise when I put on this lip powder and it actually felt hydrating.

The powder turns into a soft cream once you put it on and it's completely weightless on your lips. The color I tried, Tease, is the perfect color for a no-makeup makeup look because it adds just the right touch of pink and brightness to my lips. And it seriously feels like you're wearing nothing. I want to buy one in every color. - Karell




Chill out smoothing color corrector

Flowe by Drew chill out smoothing color corrector

When I look in the mirror, the first thing I see are the dark under eye circles I've battled since, oh, forever? I've lost count of how many formulas I've tried, from drugstore to fancy expensive brands, to help banish them and have yet to find one I'm particularly loyal to. That said, this one does a pretty darn good job.

With a peachy tone to offset the blueish skin, the creamy formula neutralizes the area instantly. It's also infused with vitamin E and jojoba extract to help moisturize, so it doesn't settle into the fine lines and bring attention to the second thing I notice when I look in the mirror. My only request? More shades. - Sara




Scribble stick

Flower by Drew scribble stick

As a busy working mom, I'm always looking for multitaskers to make my life easier, and this scribble stick is exactly that. It's billed as being for eyes and lips, but I even used a little on my cheeks and blended to make a great, easy blush. I love the pigment on the color I tried, Plumsicle, which gives you a dramatic vampy lip, and is perfect for making a lazy smokey eye. This is a great one to toss into your bag for on-the-go application. - Karell




Color shift lip smoothie


After a week of wearing this lip treatment, my lips feel amazing even more so considering it's already super cold where I live and by now my lips are usually so chapped. The pH adjusting technology changes the shade of this lip smoothie for the best for your lips, so it adds a little touch of color without it being a full on lipstick type of coverage, which I was really into. - Motherly Editor




Fiber Fix brow gel

Flower by Drew fiber fix brow gel

Boy Brow? Never met him. I'm totally crushing on Flower's affordable fiber-infused brow gel these days. I have a pretty basic make up routine, but defining my light brows is a foundational part of it. It works wonders for making your eyes pop, making you look awake even if you're riding the struggle bus at 7am after being woken up six times in the night. I've been using this one for a couple weeks now and I'm impressed with the way it stays put throughout the day without flaking off. Also, the tiny brush is just right for applying it like a pro even though I'm very much not . - Sara




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