Any breastfeeding or pumping mama knows that breast milk truly is liquid gold. But did you know that according to some studies, storing and warming the milk may damage its nutrients?

Enter nanobébé: the first bottle that speeds up the breast milk warming process without compromising nutrients or creating bacteria.

“In creating the nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle, we teamed with pediatricians, lactation consultants and biomedical engineers who best understand the uniqueness of this valuable biological fluid,” says Ayal Lanternari, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, nanobébé. “The nutritional benefits of breast milk are well documented, and the majority of mothers today, when not directly breastfeeding, make the concerted effort to express milk. It is our mission to help parents realize the importance of how they handle breast milk before feeding it to their child.”

The company’s breastmilk bottle has become a favorite among mamas for its realistic nipple and unique shape that allows milk to heat and cool quickly and evenly, minimizing the chance of bacteria growth and preserving the milk’s nutrients. (And helping mama speed up the warming process when baby is hungry and screaming!)

Nanobébé has launched an entire feeding line and fantastic newborn gift set that includes:

  • 4 5-oz breastmilk bottles
  • 1 smart warming bowl
  • 1 microwave steam sterilizer
  • 1 drying rack
  • 2 breast pump adaptors
  • 2 flexy pacifiers
  • 4 slow flow silicone nipples
  • 2 medium flow silicone nipples
  • 4 travel covers
  • 4 storage caps

The complete feeding line lets mama pump, store, warm and feed within a matter of minutes. Plus, the breast pump adaptor will pump directly into the bottle. ? ? ?

Nanobébé can be purchased on their site, at Buy Buy Baby, or BabiesRUs. A bottle will run $10.99 while a newborn gift set is just under $95.00.

And remember that regardless how your baby is fed, whether it’s through breastfeeding, breastmilk bottle feeding, or formula, fed is always best. So find what works for you and products that will best support you and baby through the feeding journey.