We all think we could never forget our children, but when the back seat goes quiet a driving parent's mind can drift away from their sleeping baby and toward their to-do list. We all know parents who have exited their vehicle and accidentally forgotten their most precious cargo in the summer heat, but now there's a car seat with built-in technology to remind us we're not the only ones in the car.

The Cybex Sirona M SensorSafe Convertible Car Seat is the smartest convertible car seat we've ever tried, and it has the potential to save children from hyperthermia, a potentially fatal state of having a body temperature greatly above normal.

A recent study out of Arizona State University found a 2-year-old in a parked car can become hyperthermic within one hour if a car is parked in the sun, and in just under two hours if a car is parked in the shade. More than half of fatal cases of car-related childhood hyperthermia involve a parent or caregiver who simply forgot about the child in the backseat, according to ASU.

"Memory failures are remarkably powerful, and they happen to everyone. There is no difference between gender, class, personality, race or other traits," says Gene Brewer, an Arizona State University associate professor of psychology. "Functionally, there isn't much of a difference between forgetting your keys and forgetting your child in the car."

The Cybex Sirona M SensorSafe Convertible Car Seat can help safeguard against parental memory lapses, and give forgetful moms and dads a little more peace of mind. The Sirona M is equipped with a technology called SensorSafe 2.0—smart tech that detects when unsafe situations arise and sends an alert. It's effortless, it's easy to use, and it's genius.


The sensor, which is located on the car seat's chest clip, will alert a parent or caregiver in four different scenarios:

  • Temperature: if the car is too hot or too cold
  • Time: if your child has been in the seat for an extended amount of time and needs to stretch
  • Unsafe restraint: if your child unbuckles the chest clip while the car is in motion
  • Child left unattended in back seat

In the last scenario, the sensor takes an extra step by sending an alert to remind you that your child is in the back seat after you've reached your destination. If no action is taken, emergency contacts will immediately be contacted.

We had the opportunity to try out this seat, and in addition to delivering on the incredible comfort + safety standards that we've come to love from other Cybex products, the peace of mind it brought us was truly priceless. The alerts were impossible to miss (they're delivered either via your smart phone or your vehicle's receiver, or in some instances, through both) and reminded us to remain present + aware.

And as busy, overwhelmed moms who often spend our days in and out of the car—we can't think of a better reason than our little ones' safety to be reminded to remain in the moment.


The seat can be used from birth to 65 lbs and features a chest clip with SensorSafe technology, a Linear Side Impact Protection system + an energy absorbing shell, a 10-position reclining backrest and 12-position height adjustable headrest, adn magnetic buckle holders to keep your straps easily accessible.

The Cybex Sirona M SensorSafe Convertible Car Seat retails for $329.95 and is available at several retailers including Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.


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