Let me first say, I am super-self aware. You don't spend 42 years in a body, and not get a handle on what looks great on it and what looks simply meh. Like tube tops, that ain't happening. Wild animal prints? I can shockingly pull them off. Shorts? All day!

Jewelry? Neeeever had much luck finding a piece that works for me or on me.

My ears are too sensitive for most earrings. My hands are too small, like comically sideshow small, to pull off most rings. My neck is less swan-like and more inner tube-esque. I wouldn't even know where to begin to find a necklace fit for an inner tube.

Jewelry just wasn't my bag. Bags were my bag. Sundresses were my bag. Jewelry I just couldn't get a handle on.

Maybe it was lack of confidence, or maybe it was simply ambivalence, or maybe, as any good television shrink would tell you, my issue with jewelry is linked back to some trauma from childhood. Like that one time in high school where my dad duped me into thinking he gave me a diamond ring as a gift. I showed everyone in my class that diamond. I felt so fancy to have a piece of jewelry that wasn't just a homemade threaded friendship bracelet.

I should have known when my diamond didn't cut glass that something strange was afoot. Turns out my would-be-family heirloom was a cubic zirconia that my dad fished out of the gumball machine at his work. As if high school wasn't scarring enough. Thanks, Dad!

So there you have it, blame it on ineptitude or the lasting scars of adolescence, either way I am a late bloomer in the land of accessorizing.

But thankfully all is not lost!

My snazzy co-worker has appointed herself as my accessory fairy godmother. Currently I own two super cute necklaces. Both necklaces were gifted to me by said co-worker. I gotta give it to her, she's doing what she can to pull me out of my jewelry blah.

Lately, she has been telling me I need to get in the game with some statement pieces. By the looks of my most recent office headshot my current jewelry statement is mute. She is right and I like the idea of core statement pieces.

That said, I don't think I want a piece that yells, but more of a piece that has means something and says something.

And for all of us, nothing says more or means more than being Mama.

Since the birth of my son and under my co-worker's tutelage, I have started to gravitate towards the jewelry counter. This might be a little too much pressure to put on a piece of jewelry, but if I am going to accessorize I want something that allows me to wear my heart on my sleeve, or in this instance around my neck.

The goal is to find something that lies between a puffy painted sweatshirt and a macaroni necklace. Not that these aren't beautiful Mama wearables, but I was hoping to find something somewhere in the middle, and that was designed by someone whose backside I hadn't recently wiped.

Here's what I found and love:

Kinn Studio dear kaia initial necklace - mama

Kinn Studio dear kaia initial necklace - mama

This piece says it loud and says it proud. I am Mama! Recognize. I probably love it because it reminds me of the nameplate necklace I had growing up. I wasn't quite Carrie Bradshaw, but not too shabby for a clueless 10-year-old.

All pieces from Kinn Studio are made out of 14K gold and durable for everyday wear.




Kinn Studio motherly x kinn north star necklace

Kinn Studio motherly x kinn north star necklace

This necklace gets my vote not only because it's beautiful, but because it's right on the money. The north star necklace serves as a symbol of mama's love, bravery, and courage.




Kinn Studio gold oval locket necklace

Kinn Studio gold oval locket necklace

This locket is the perfect piece to pass down. The pendant opens with a snap clasp perfect for a picture of your loved ones. Carry home with you everywhere, mama.




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