This postfrom the blog Cedars and TinyFlowers got us thinking about how we spend our days as at-home moms. Whenyou’re waiting for a load of laundry to dry or dinner to finish in the oven andbaby isn’t sitting still for story time, what do you do? Here are some of ourfavorite silly moments we like to employ during such occasions – share yoursbelow!

1. Dance Party USA!

Crank “Superstition”by Stevie Wonder and (gently) bounce baby in your arms, “Someone Like You” byAdele and slow dance with your favorite partner, or if you’re feelingparticularly energetic, put baby in her bouncer or on the floor and you dancelike a crazy woman to “UptownFunk” by Bruno Mars. You are guaranteed to get a giggle from your littleone and you’ll get a little workout in the process!

2. Ultimate Peek-a-boo

Peek-a-boo with hands only is like amateur hour. Kick theclassic game up a notch by hiding behind doorways or walls, underneath baby’shigh chair, or under a big blanket. Exercise his hide-and-seek skills byletting him watch you walk around a corner and having him find you.

3. Share a sweet treat

Indulge yourself and your partner-in-crime in a small sweettreat, like split a cookie or spoonful of Nutella (substitute for nutallergies, of course). There’s no harm in treating yourself every so often, andthere’s nothing like a little sugar to perk up a slow moment.

4. Roll a ball

We don’t know why rolling a ball or toy car down a longhallway is so much fun, but it just is. If you don’t have a long hallway, justpick the longest length of floor in your home. Bonus points for bouncing it offof objects (babies find this particularly hilarious). Double points for havingit bounce right back to you so you don’t have to chase after it.

5. Tickle monster!

If your baby is into it, nothing makes time fly like a goodgame of tickle monster. Switch tickle spots, making baby giggle in anticipationfor where the monster will strike next. Start under his neck! And then pause.Then the soles of his feet! And then pause. Next his tummy! And so on.

What are your favorite silly moments at home?