The summer is over and back to school season has practically passed, too. Halloween is on the horizon, and after that, there's only one date that's sticking out in our minds: November 6. It's not a national holiday, but it's the day Aldi releases its cheese advent calendar and we couldn't be more excited to have an excuse to snack on cheese once a day until Christmas.

And apparently we are in good company. Last year, retail sales of natural and specialty cheeses reached $16 billion. That's a lot of cheese. And we're sure there were lots of crackers (or wine if that's your thing!) to go with it. Did we mention it's less than $15?

Price: $14.99


So what's exactly in the box?

Aldi hasn't released exactly which cheeses will be in the calendar this year, but gathering from the phrases on the packaging (savory, nutty and rich Red Leicester cheese) we're sure there's going to be a cheesy option for everyone—or just for you, we're not judging. More importantly, it's everything but a yellow, rubbery single that you likely toss on your child's sandwiches.

The Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar will be available for purchase at Aldi stores on November 6. Spread some holiday cheer and find your nearest Aldi here.

And, if you're not cheese-obsessed, Aldi also has a great assortment of other advent calenders coming soon.

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